blue fuse
  1. erik701

    [SOLD] SimAudio Moon 430HA with SR Blue Fuses upgrade

    I'm selling my Moon 430HA with 2x Synergistic Research Blue fuses installed (2 x 140€), latest and greatest fuse from Synergistic Research. Moon 430HA has fully balanced design.One of the most universal, neutral sounding solid state amps on the market. It's very powerful (up to 8 Watts to 50Ω)...
  2. shyamwanne

    Synergistic Research Blue fuse ($100) & Black Duplex Outlet ($175)

    For Sale: Synergistic Research 1a 5x20mm slow blow - Blue fuse ($100) Synergistic Research Black Duplex Outlet - Receptacle ($175) These have only been used a week:) Free shipping in the USA