1. Arthass

    BLOX TM5

    I want to sell earphones BLOX TM5. The main reason is that i cant get proper fit.   price: 120$ shipped (paypal)
  2. phil2yoo

    Blox M2C compared to Blox TM5, Yuin OK1, PK1, etc etc

    As the title says, how do the Blox M2C's compare to the HIGHLY regarded TM5s and the Yuin OK and PK series? Are they comfortable? How do they sound? I don't expect much isolation, but is there some?
  3. smith

    FS: Blox TM 5 Earphones

    In Excellent condition and comes with the box (no foams) and warranty card which shows a date of purchases of the 30 October 2010.   Only had around 90 hours of use/burn in and reason for sale is a financial one.    PM me if interested and thanks for looking.   Smith    
  4. gg141717

    Alternative for Blox TM5

    Hi guys, I have a problem, a few weeks back i accidentally left my Blox TM5 ear buds in my trousers while putting them in the washing machine. They still work but as expected they sound less crisp and just not the same. I just loved the sound of those TM5's but TM5 is out of production so...
  5. swbf2cheater

    Blox TM5

    Looking for a used TM5 :)
  6. kanonathena

    Blox tm5 $120 shipped

    Looks completely new, just got them back from Blox for some recabling, reshelling, dusting, basically other than the driver, almost everything is new. Thunderous bass, monumental soundstage. $120 shipped anywhere in the world.
  7. Deulce

    need OPEN earbuds

    looking for headphones that meet these criteria   1) NON-isolating 2) good for workouts   optional 3) cell phone/ipod compatible     I've isolated to  Bose MIE2 Sennheiser OMX680   Yes, i know ya'll hate bose, but i do love full sound. As for the OMX680, the reviewers...
  8. SplashArtist

    Blox M2C, Sennheiser HD25-1 ii, VSonic GR07 Impressions to come!

    Next paycheck I will be investing in some headphones, so expect some impressions to come pretty soon! For anyone who's heard of the new M2C (earbud) by BLOX, it's their new earbud replacing the TM5 for a quarter of the price, so I'm pretty excited to see how these sound for 40 bucks! 
  9. FoxSpirit

    New BLOX earbuds "coming soon"

    So, half a year ago I inquired with BLOX about ordering a pair of TM5 from them. They said,   We hope we will have TM5 back in stock soon. I will inform you,Once we have them in our stock.   Time passed, until today. I opened my mailbox, finding a new message from BLOX-sales inside.  ...
  10. kanonathena

    Headfonia reviews top earbuds PK1/MX980/TM5

    I requested this review from Mike of Headfonia a few weeks ago, here is the link:  
  11. swanlee

    Yurbuds + Yuin PK3 = Best sounding Earbuds for a reasonable price

    Ok so last year I bought some Yurbud adapters for my IEM's. for those that don't know these are fitted earbud adapters, that act like semi custom earpieces. They are pretty cheap. You take a pic of an earbud in your ear upload the photo to their website and they size you according to that photo...
  12. kiteki

    YUIN killers in 2010 -- ZePhone NB01, Illusion MkII?, Senn MX980, Blox TM5, etc. ~ spookey.

          From   "then there are some new high-end earbuds from Chinese companies; the NB01 from ZePhone, and an unknown brand that rumor said is from one of the biggest OEM earphones in the China (which means the world, too!), this OEM...
  13. Br777

    FYI - Blox TM5 earbuds now available for sale

    I got an email from Woo at blox today confirming that the blox tm5 are now available for sale on their website.  they are $180 with free shipping to US   I dont know anyone who owns these, and dont have the money otherwise i would most likely take a...
  14. jrazmar

    What's next after PK1, another earbud (TM5 or OK1 or MX980) or a new IEM (DBA-02, RE0, IE8)?

      I'm afraid my PK1 would die anytime soon because of split wire. Appreciate if anybody here who have owned/used/heard the PK1 and owned/used/heard one of these prospects. What I want from my PK1 is the big full sound it has and the rumbling, undistorted bass accompanied with the clear mids...
  15. kostalex

    BLOX TM5 - top earbud, competing with PK1 and OK1

    BLOX TM5 - top earbud, competing with PK1 and OK1 Like with my other reviews, I would start from the end, so conclusions first: TM5 is the most efficient among the best earbuds and the best among the most efficient. It is on par with Yuin PK1 and OK1 in terms of SQ, but plays better...
  16. Br777

    Blox TM5 earbuds are now available

    Here is the info from their site      BLOX EARPHONE TM.5 MODEL DESCRIPTION          - TM5 was specially designed to deliver sound like HI-FI Headphone.          - TM5's sensitivity works well with low-powered sources resulting in excellent reproduction.          - TM5's unique...
  17. BLOX TM5

    BLOX TM5

    BLOX TM5 Earbuds