1. average_joe

    Lime Ears thread - introducing the LE3SW

    Lime Ears has combined the LE3 and LE3B into one CIEM, the LE3SW which, for a 50 Euro premium will offer a switch to flip between the two.  I have the individual versions and will post my review in this thread once it is done.  Please feel free to ask questions and/or discuss any of the Lime...
  2. Black octagon Solution BOS3LE

    Black octagon Solution BOS3LE

    The BOS3LE is the next in line after the BOS2 buget interconnect. The name is simple enough to interpret; BOS - Black Octagon Solutions, 3 for after the BOS2 and LE for Limited Edition as there will only be a limited run of the BOS3LE until stocks run out. From the outside the cable looks...