1. angelsword

    Bifrost 2 vs. Ares II vs. Soekris 1321

    Hey all, I'm trying to decide on a sub 1000k R2R DAC for my desktop headphone setup. I'm a huge fan of R2R but don't want to break that bank on my secondary system. I'm not like other headfi-ers in that my main musical genres are heavy metal and extreme metal. Fast, intense, noisy nonsense...
  2. Gazny

    Differnce between New Bifrost vs Bifrost Uber

    I am Looking to pick up a Bifrost and I have seen plenty of them on the used market and I was wondering what the difference between a In stock Bifrost vs a Bifrost Uber. My question boils down to, Are the analog stages the same or is there something else to the in stock Bifrost compared to the...
  3. c0rp1

    Bifrost Multibit Gen 5 Static Noise problem

    Hello everyone, I recently bought an used Schiit Bifrost Multibit, which I received 2 days ago. Unit is 2.5 years old, but had the Gen 5 USB upgrade installed October last year. Have this weird problem though - getting a static noise whenever I'm listening to music and doing something on the PC...
  4. O

    WA7 w/WA7tp & EH upgrd or WA6SE w/ Bifrost Miltibit

    I'm buying a headphone rig to go with my HD800S headphones. Currently using a vintage Matantz amp and it's actually pretty good but a bit harsh and not a great solution Need a rig that is mostly connected to my MacBook Pro/Tidal etc but occasionally to my Hi-fi system (Marantz 1060/Linn Sondek...