beyerdynamic t1
  1. matti621

    [FS] beyerdynamic T1 Over the Ear Headphones - Silver

    Used for several years. Cosmetic wear. Mechanically and electronically very good. Gen 1. Original box. Serviced twice in an authorized shop in NYC, headband and drivers replaced, original documents included. New Ear Pads Never Used Before Included! Item location: Israel
  2. Kyno

    Custom Bottlehead Crack + Speedball

    Hello there, I'm selling my Bottlehead Crack + Speedball bought once here. It's a highly customized one from an UK head-fier, which went from HD-650 to T1. I can't really recall every modification he made internally, although we can mention the carbon top, but it's an exceptionnal Crack + SB...
  3. ady1989

    Beyerdynamic T1 2nd gen drivers with older headband, XLR cable

    Got these in a trade a long time ago and got screwed, one of the drivers was blown. I contacted Beyerdynamic and bought a set of 2nd gen drivers and installed them myself. The headband is a little loose since it's older but it's very much usable. Pads have just been washed and everything has...
  4. Haidar

    Beyerdynamic T1, Harman Kardon BT [BOTH SOLD]

    Beyerdynamic T1: with original box and packaging, and a brand new, unopened set of earpads (the exact same kind of earpads which came with the T1 originally). I've just put a brand new pair of leather earpads on these. $390 shipped [SOLD] Harman Kardon BT: with leather carrying case...
  5. Hifihedgehog

    [WTB] [CONUS -> MI] Beyerdynamic T1 1st Gen for $400 OBO

    I abso-positively love my silver-cabled Beyerdynamic T90 (insanity level hyper detail) so it is only natural to want to move up to the big daddy of Beyers. I am more than willing to negotiate on price. I am only accepting offers from CONUS users. Thank you! Crossposted on the AVexchange subreddit
  6. Ellendar

    SOLD: Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Gen.

    Good Day People, offering a Beyerdynamic T1 from the 2nd Generation. The Headphones are in very good condition from September 2015. They have been used but have been taken very good care of. The original invoice comes with them of course. Beyerdynamic says they give a warranty of 5 years on the...
  7. yrun26

    Darkvoice/T1v2 tube recommendations

    Looking for some suggestions. Currently running my Darkvoice 336se with a Sylvania Jan 6SN7WGTA up front and a black base GE 6AS7G in the rear and listen exclusively with my Beyerdynamic T1v2's. While I enjoy the sound, the bass tends to feel inside my head and can be fatiguing particularly with...
  8. JVal

    Beyer T1 Gen 1 Replaceable cable mod

    I have a Beyer t1 gen 1 in overall "good" condition with audeze connectors and a 3.5mm toxic silver widow cable up for sale. The headband is a little worn, but i added a 3rd party headband wrap over it and it's super comfortable now and sounds great. If you pay the full amount listed I'll also...
  9. GSquaredFi

    FS: 2x Beyerdynamic T1 Gen 1 (NIB & Mint)

    Hello all, For sale I have 2 Beyerdynamic T1 headphones priced at $615/485. These are the Generation 1 models with the non-removable cables. One of them is brand new in the box, never used. The other has been used for 30 hours or less including a small break in. They did not get enough use in...
  10. J

    What's the best DAP for driving 600 ohm headphones?

    So as the title says I'm trying to find the best high end dap able to drive 600 ohm headphones, such as the beyerdynamic t1's. I'm currently using an ibasso dx200 via the balanced output. However I'm concerned I'm not getting the most out of the headphones, and wanted to see if I could find any...
  11. T

    (In terms of just sheer imaging and soundstage for competitive gaming) Beyerdynamic T1 2nd gen vs K702?

    I'm looking to upgrade from my K702 (since I'm not that happy with them anymore) and I auditioned some headphones (HD650, HE400i, HE560, T1 2nd Gen, K712). I wasn't able to demo any of them in atleast a round of Rainbow Six Siege or CSGO (yes, the sound engine in this game is quite horrible and...
  12. Bibliophile

    SOLD: Beyerdynamic T-1 High-Serial Generation 1

    I just retired and am downsizing. Up for sale are my immaculate Beyerdynamic T-1 headphones that have been used gently (<50 hours total use). They are in perfect condition, have lived in a non-smoking home, and include headphones themselves with the 3.0M factory cable with the ¼” (6.35mm) gold...
  13. JVal

    WTS Senngrados, TFZ Momentum

    Looking to clear out some of my headphones. You pay the paypal fees, I pay the shipping. I will try to keep the list as updated as possible, and will be uploading pics later. Reasonable offers will be entertained, but I think the prices are already pretty fair. Trades are possible, but I...
  14. heliosphann

    Beyerdynamic T1 Gen 1 (high serial number 21xxx)

    Selling a pair of Beyerdynamic T1's. These are Gen 1's and have a high serial number 21xxx (updated drivers). Fantastic condition with very little use. I'd rate these as 9.5/10. Each cup has a barely visible mark/indentation in the mesh. They're hardly even visible in photos, but I like to be...
  15. Ravel

    (Price Drop!) Beyer T1 for sale

    Hi, I am selling my three-month old Beyerdynamic T1. I am the first and only owner of it. It is in like-new condition with its original box. I would like to sell it with a pair of balanced headphone cable from Beyer. You can see it as the "stock" balanced cable of T1. I purchased it from this...
  16. biggbenn74

    Beyerdynamic T1 W/ Original Box & Case *FINAL PRICE DROP*

    Been looking to trade these for some time, but now, I have decided to sell them due to some unforeseen expenses. Will let go easily if the offer is right. Thanks for your interest!
  17. output555

    Beyerdynamic T1 Gen 2 New!

    This is a brand new, open-box pair of Beyerdynamic T1 Gen 2 (V.2) headphones. Widely acclaimed as one of the world's best headphones selling at more than $1,000, you can grab them here for hundreds less. In fact, my price is about the same as what folks are selling the first generation for...
  18. You Kay

    Beterdynamic t1 alluminium case

    i am looking to buy Beterdynamic T1 aluminium case.
  19. Feilong4

    SOLD Beyerdynamic T1 Gen 1 (Dampening modded) with accessories (Shipped and PayPal'd!)

    EDIT 6/26: SOLD Now officially going for sale! Pictures: I've done the dampening mod on them which is supposed to reduce the treble peakiness and warm things up, which I don't have a problem with in the first place. I was curious of the results but I'm too lazy to...
  20. blckmag

    Tube amp for Beyerdynamics T1

    Hello, As the title says I am looking for a good OTL amp for my soon to come pair od T1' s. Problem with living in the EU, many are expensive, impossible to find or on the wrong power input values (out of budget is as always present) . Budget woul be maximum 200€- 300€ (including shiping and...