1. halo4free

    headphones AMP\DAC for beyerdynamic DT990PRO ( gaming,movies, music\metal\rock)

    hello every one, as you can see im a newbie here, i was searching for new headphones for my self did a research for almost 1 month , read every single tread in this forum, ended up with beyerdynamics DT990 PRO 250ohms got them for 160$ .... love the sound,  after that started to...
  2. BackwardPawn

    Are the DT990s worth it if I own DT880s?

    I noticed a huge price increase in the DT990 600ohm headphones in the last few days.  This wasn't my next planned upgrade as I wanted to get the tube amp first for my DT880s, then fix my mobile situation, then add the DT990s.   As prices fluctuate on Beyers, should I just ignore it, stick to...
  3. Chawanwit

    Q701 at $440 vs. DT 990 250 Ohmz at $350

    I was going to buy the Q701 for $440 US when I found out that the DT 990 250 Ohmz sells for $350 US in my country. Which is a better buy for me?
  4. headphonatic

    Beyerdynamic DT990 silver pads WTB

    Title says all
  5. nickwin

    Whats a good amp/ usb DAC for DT990 pro 60ohms?

    Hi guys, this is my first post here although I have been a reader for many years.  Anyways, I'm looking for an usb DAC and amp combo that will be a good match with DT990 250ohm pros. I'm currently using a Fiios E10, but it barely has enough power to drive these cans.  It could be a single unit...
  6. lolspops

    Need an amp for the DT 990 Pro/250

    My budget is no greater than $75. These will be used at home on my PC with a Xonar DG sound card so portability won't be an issue. I've looked at the FiiO E10 and E11 as well as some cMoy but still cannot make a decision.