1. sidr

    Sony MDR 7506 Or Beyerdynamic DT 250 80 Ohm for small head

    Hi, I've been searching around for some good, full size, headphones for under $200 for months. The Sony MDR 7506 seem to be well praised for their price. My most important concerns are: Really Comfortable (will wear these for several hours at a time) and Over ear I also have a really...
  2. bpandbass

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50s with Beyerdynamic DT250 Earpads.

    With the mediocre ATH-M50 vinyl earpads making my ears sore, I figured it was time to get some Beyer DT250 velour pads.      Here they are from top view. A little linty     They don't protrude too much, and make a good contrast color to the white M50s. Headband is still pretty...
  3. amigomatt

    DT250 vs GMP 8.35D v SoundMAGIC HP100 for music production?

    Hi people,   You can see my list of cans in my signature, but I'm wanting a pair that I can use specifically for music production.  My music making will include using electronic sounds, but I am very keen to have some headphones with accuracy and transparency for recording and...
  4. amigomatt

    DT250 vs GMP 8.35D v SoundMAGIC HP100 for music production?

    Hi people,   You can see my list of cans in my signature, but I'm wanting a pair that I can use specifically for music production.  My music making will include using electronic sounds, but I am very keen to have some headphones with accuracy and transparency for recording and...
  5. KruppaBuddy

    DAC+AMP for Beyerdynamic DT 250 ( 250 Ohms)

    Hello Audiofans, About a month ago I bought a DT250, and unfortunately my DIY AMP didn't pull them up, because I can't remake it, i think about ready-made solutions ( near 250$).   1) Audio-gd NFB 15.32 2) Audio-gd NFB 12.1 3) Maverick Audio D1 Plus 4) O2 + ODAC 5) Fiio E9K + E17...
  6. dreamLRG

    Dt 250 Velour pads on the Ultrasone hfi 580?

    Has anyone tried these? and how much does the sound stage? for the better or worse?
  7. bookaboo

    Beyerdynamic Dt250 vs shure srh840 a brief comparison

    I would like to do a brief comparison between the dt250 80ohm and the srh840. I have had both side by side for the last week and have just returned the srh 840s which gives away the verdict of the comparison a little but I stress this is IMHO. I will break the comparison into three parts...
  8. ThomasAH

    Beyerdynamic DT250 80 ohm vs 250 vs 400 ohm...

    Hi Everyone   I am kind of new to this, would someone please explain what is the difference between 80, 250 or the 400 ohm that i can get in those Beyerdynamic DT250?   I am going to just use them on a regular day, train rides, which one would you recommend? I listen to all kind of...
  9. globeman

    beyer DT250 +Fiio10

    So anyway guys Ive been running the Beyer250s and the Fiio 10 on my laptop & to be frank with the music there seems to be alot of background like crackling in lots of songs. Now I listen to alot of tunes on youtube and most likely that could be contributing to this factor but i never had this...
  10. vvgyu

    AMP/DAC for my DT250s

    Got some Beyerdynamic DT250s 1 month ago and now I'm looking to buy a DAC and AMP. I've my eye on the E10 but I'm not sure if it's enoguh or if it's worth it to splurge on an E7+E9 combo or an E17. Just looking for some advice. EDIT: Should mention they are the 80ohm model
  11. sancco

    beyerdynamic dt-250 80ohm + fiio?

    sup all   i've got a pair of dt-250 80ohm beyer's and was wondering if they'd benefit from a fiio amp.  for $50 i'd expect a fair improvement in audio quality. when i'm at home i use an asus essence stx.  it sounds pretty darn good - good value purchase. would i get good value out of a...
  12. Kodhifi

    Stupid Amazon cancelled my order of DT250 V6 velour pads. Looking for a reputable dealer

    After 5 days of "not yet shipped" they cancelled the order this morning explaining they were out. I'm looking for a reputable dealer for the DT250 velour pads to upgrade the ones on my Sony MDR-V6 and I don't want to get ripped off. Replacement pads on my 880's are only $30 or so and $45 for...
  13. Mr Fidelity

    Beyer DT-250's or.....? (noob)

    Hello, I should start by saying I'm not an audiophile and really have no idea what I'm talking about, but I'll try nonetheless. The only 'prosumer' headphone I've ever owned was the Sennheiser HD 280, which (in spite of its apparant notoriety here) blew me away and was probably the best spent...
  14. earplug

    Sony MDR-V6 and Beyer velour pads plastic pieces

    I recently got the Beyerdynamic velour pads for my Sony MDR-V6 headphones. I love them; they're so comfortable!   The velours came with two plastic pieces, which were the same size as the pads. I did not use them when I installed the velours onto the MDR-V6. Are they needed for the MDR-V6...
  15. Saintly

    Denon D2000 with and without Amp Comparison

    Hi guys,   I recently became interested in appreciating music as opposed to listening to my Ipod out of the default Apple earbuds.  I've done some reading but still have lots to learn, so please bear with me and pardon my silly questions.   I started out with the AT M-50s after reading...
  16. tracylynn MkII

    Quick query over Beyer cables

    Are the DT250 cables fully replaceable with DT150/100 cables, as the images seem the same but have a different name on the beyer website. I say this because I'd love the 1.5m straight cables on ebay for the DT150's on the 250's, and was wondering if anyone was knowledgeable on the situation, as...
  17. BigD

    Official K-81 DJ thread

    Hi, I've recently come across these new offerings from AKG. As I mentioned before, I really can't stand the canalphones. Therefore, I decided to look into MDR-V6, HD201/205, HD280, MDR-XD400, DT250, K81/181. Obviously not much info on these K81/181DJ as they're fresh for 2006. Even the...
  18. Dougeefresh

    Velour pads for HFI-580?

    I've searching and searching but only found info for Beyer DT250 pads/HFI-780. Will the same pad fit HFI-580? If not, anyone was successful in finding a pair for HFI-580? I've asked around in the forum but so far got no answer so any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!!
  19. UnderGround23

    Ultrasone Pro 650 vs Beyerdynamic DT250

    Hi, I have a MS-1 and am looking to upgrade and get a closed headphone as i intend to listen on the train and the leakage from MS-1 is an issue. The 2 that i could narrow down are Pro 650 and DT250 (also Denon 2000 but i think it needs an amp) as from what i have read these closed phones are...
  20. Lukan

    Looking for a step up from ATH-AD700's

    I've had them for a couple of years now, and they're starting to decay (mostly those top things that go on your head. I had to cover them in duct-tape, because the plastic-holding bit broke off, and was jamming into my head), so I was looking to upgrade.   I'd be using them mostly at my...
  21. pkgk1

    XB700 vs MDR-V6 vs ???????

    I am currently looking for new headphones, I don't want to spend more than 70$, but would be willing to go over if you guys think it is truly worth it. I've narrowed down my options to the MDR v6's and the XB700's I own a pair of XB500's and am happy with them, but someone offered me 60...
  22. nivlek

    Looking for Audio Technica ESW10JPN substitute

    Are there any portable cans with ESW10 like sound signature + isolation? I use it in office and it suits me great, but not at the coffee shop.  I have tried some other cans (D1100, DT250, SRH840, Pro900), they all have better isolation which is what I need but so far I still like the esw10 sound...
  23. Thommohawk

    Audio Technica ATH M50 or Beyerdynamic DT 250 /80 ?

    Mainly for music listening enjoyment but will be used for gaming and movies, bass is a must for me but only to the point that it sound neutral to my ear and not dominating everything. I figure neutral monitors could be my best bet but can't help feeling that I'm taking a risk no matter what I...
  24. Virtax

    Headphone amp for Beyer DT250

    Hello guys!    I'll make it quick, I'm using the Beyerdynamic DT250-80 ohm headphones running through my Focusrite Scarllet 2i2 audio interface, my question is, if I want to bring the most out of my headphones, should I buy an amp? and If should what will suit me best for 200$ max?   ...
  25. Beyerdynamic DT 250 Replacement Cable

    Beyerdynamic DT 250 Replacement Cable

    If ol Fang gets a hold of your beloved beyerdynamic DT250 headphones and decides to use the cord to tamp down his teethin spells, have no fear! Heres the stock beyerdynamic DT250 headphone replacement cable youll need to restory harmony to the household. Simply detach the old cable and pop in...