1. frog

    Headphones for my sons 13th birthday?

    I want to get my son a pair of his own phones for his birthday to use at home with his pc and ipod. He has a pair of old UE metro fi's buds for portable use but I would like to get him something else. I have a pair of beyer dt 231 that he quite likes so i was thinking perhaps a pair of Beyer...
  2. deanolyons

    £60 budget headphones

    Hi all My Bayer's dt235's have recently broke and I'm looking for a new pair 'phones but can't decide for the life of me what to get. I will use them more for home use mainly on a marantz amp but sometimes on a samsung galaxy i9000 and for portable use if they are suitable. I listen to a lot...
  3. beyerdynamic DT 235 Headphone - White

    beyerdynamic DT 235 Headphone - White

    New Lightweight stereo headphones from beyerdynamic. The DT 235 replaces the DT 231 which was long time performer from beyerdynamic. The New DT 235 is now available in black and white. This model has improved frequency response providing crisp high end and tight low end performace at a very...