beyer dynamic
  1. H

    Which TWS should I pick? TWX9/Free byrd/FW1000t

    Hi yall, I am looking for advices on which TWS should I choose. I have been browsing different websites and threads in head-fi, now I have 3 top picks but they do not have demo units to try at where I live so I hope people who know more about headphones(all of you) or have tried/bought them to...
  2. M

    I need recommendation for gaming headset vs going headphones and mic combo

    Hi All, I am new to this forum, and I was looking for a recommendation as the title states above. I am very oblivious when it comes to audio and my knowledge is minimal. I currently own a HD558 and I paired it with an antlion mic that is going through Creative Sound Blaster Z SE PCIe Sound...
  3. C

    DT 1990 Pro, hd660s, or something similar for my usage?

    Hello, I am looking for a new headphone in the $500-600 range. I already have an amp that will sufficiently power 250Ω. I have been using a pair of DT770s for about 6 years, prior to that I was using the ATH A900s. I would say my listening goes as follows. 50% listening to music at home 25%...
  4. Geralt

    Best headphones under $100 for gaming/music/movie

    Greetings, I made an account to find a budget friendly headphone for gaming and listening to music. I want to enjoy game's soundtracks and I mostly listen to hard rock/heavy metal musics mostly at home so i don't need portability and I'm ok with open/semi open options. I don't have any Amp/Dac...
  5. Azzurro

    TYGR 300 R Vs DT 1990 - Thoughts?

    Hey team So, I've had the TYGR 300 R for just under a year now and I'm fancying a change. I use them almost solely for gaming. I was looking at the DT 1990 as a potential replacement / upgrade. Would anyone have any thoughts / comments on this? Cheers
  6. P

    Beyerdynamic et1000 and n1000..

    Recently acquired these through a house clearance a bit of a home audio geek but a rookie at the same time..I am gonna give the opportunity for someone to be the new owner of not gonna take the pi## with the price..I would love someone who would fully appreciate them to own...
  7. D

    Snapped piece of plastic, suggestions?

    Hi, it's been a while since I noticed that my DT-990 Pro has on the left ear a snapped piece of plastic. I ignored it for about month, but lately I am noticing sound imbalance where left side seems to be weaker than right side and also because of the relatively sharp edges, the pad is slowly...
  8. A

    HD800s VS DT1990 Pro

    Hi ya'll I was wondering what headphone should I get? Currently using the Sundaras and I'm not fully satisfied. I was thinking of upgrading to either the HD800s or the DT 1990 Pro. What is better among the two and is the price of the HD800s worth it even tho I have the money to afford it? Just...
  9. memepool

    Beyer DT-220

    Anyone out there still using these? I'm wondering about pad replacement, which of course Beyer still have but only leatherette. @Punisher
  10. A

    Beyerdynamic DT770 80 Ohm or DT880 250 Ohm with a Zen DAC (bass level related)?

    Hi, I have my fair share of “neutral” headphones and I’m currently looking to get a Beyer, to add to my collection and since I don’t have any from this brand. I’m looking for a “fun” headphone to listen mainly to metal music, with a somewhat boosted bass (but not Beats levels boosted bass!)...
  11. C

    M&D MH40 vs DT770 vs W110is vs M-100 - Closed Back Contest

    Hi everyone thanks for taking the time. I recently bought a pair of Philips Fidelio X2HR as my first good headphones. I could not be happier, they are amazing. Now I'm looking for a Wired, Over Ear, Closed Back pair I can use at work. (No I'm not getting drawn into this as a hobby/obsession...
  12. Spaceman24

    True wireless IEM recommendations?

    So I’ve been very much enjoying my wired Audio Technica E70 IEMs and Beyerdynamic/Astell&Kern T5p but I’m getting jealous of the people who aren’t fiddling with wires all the time. Does anyone know of a true wireless IEM that sounds anywhere close to the E70 (or T5p)? I’m not worried about...
  13. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio - Expanded “Choice” Selection

    Dear Dekoni fans, did you find our universal Nuggets to have a curiously soft and smooth leather? Have your heard reviews from the thousands of happy Sony WH1000XM2 and WH1000XM3 owners who upgraded to Choice Suede pads? Well, we of Dekoni Audio have heard your praise and preferences, your...