1. jaykaying

    Beats Solo HD?

    Now I know these are one of the most overrated headphones out there but I saw a Black Friday Ad at Best Buy pricing them at a mere $80 so I thought these cans might be decent at that price range. I was wondering how well do they stack up compared to other headphones in the same price range...
  2. Pass

    Impressions on the new Beats Solo HD 2.0 (Drenched in Color)

    Well, I never thought I'd do this in my life. This is my first (kind of) review of any headphones, and it has to be a Beats one! Please note that I was born and raised in French, so be indulgent with my English ;)   First, let me say that I'm in no way an audiophile. I enjoy my KEF M500, and I...
  3. haan747

    Solo HD ear Cushion?

    Before I even start, YES I REALIZE BEATS ARE OVER PRICED FOR THE MEDIOCRE SOUND QUALITY. No I cannot return them. Selling them is very improbable with all the fakes trying to be sold. If I could go back in time and had bought the ATH-M50's or vmodas or somehting, I would. The damage is done.  ...
  4. Bassdabomb27

    Best amp for use with iPhone 5/iPad 3 and Beats Solo HD?

    Would I be better off with a DAC+ amp or just an amp? And what does an amp really do in terms of audio quality?
  5. FancyDan

    New Beats Solo HD Impressions

    I made a bunch of money off a big DJ set today, and randomly decided to buy some of the new Beats Solo HD "drenched in color" version just sort of on a whim. I bought a pair of the older Solo HDs and HATED them so I don't know what made me decide to get these, but I figured I'd post my...
  6. yinon123

    A Question

    Hey Everybody  A Few Days Ago I Found A Website That Sells The Solo HD Of Beats Company On 119.99 $ And The Official Web Site Beats sells them 199.95 $ I Wonder/Afraid If These Headphones Original Or Fake. Can I Add A link To The Website That Sells Them On 119.99 $ And Someone Of This Forum...
  7. lachfalte

    Solo Beats > V-Moda M100 > and now?

    After 3,4 years using Solo Beats they finally broke and it was clearly a godly sign, that i should get me some new headphones.   Searching through forums etc. i gave the highgly acclaimed M-100 a shot. I had them for like 2 weeks and that is how i feel about them:   At first, they didn't...
  8. gogotheyogrtman

    My old Solo HDs are lying around... what should I do with them?

    Hello all,   So my old red Solo HDs are just sitting in my closet collecting dust.  I'm thinking about a few options:   1). Selling to some gullible idiot on eBay   2). Modding them so they look sick   3). Treating them how they should be treated: fixing them up with a sledgehammer.  ...
  9. owais

    GR07 vs Beats Solo HD

    Before I get going, yes I understand that one is an IEM and the other is an on ear pair of headphones. However, I've ordered a pair of GR07's (and SE215's) and was wondering how they will compare to my beats Solo HD's in terms of sound quality for rap/hip-hop/RnB/electronic music? I know people...
  10. avocadobeats123

    Is the JVC Ha-s500 better than Beats by Dre Solo HD?

    Hello. Before I found this website, I made a stupid decision and bought Beats by Dre Solo HDs. I recently found out about the JVC Ha-s500. These headphones are around $60. Before I buy them I want to know: Do they sound better than the overpriced Beats by Dre Solo HDs? Thanks
  11. biggbenn74

    Fake Beats Lineup: A Social Experiment, IN REVIEW

    So, about a month ago, I got bored and said to myself, let's do a little experiment. I bought a pair of fake Beats Studio, Beats Solo HD and Beats Tour. Bear with me now. :)   NOTE: 1. These have all been tested side by side with the real deals, in look and sound at my local mall. 2. I...
  12. Closingracer

    Need help on picking the right pair of On/Around ear Headphones

    I am looking for a Bass heavy headphone ( I have more balanced type of earphones and really want a bass heavy as well). I liked the Beats solo HD bass was ok but everything else was meh. I like the V-moda M-100 but don't feel like paying $299.99 for headphones at the moment. I Have seen the...
  13. Alphamega

    Headphone Purchase Advice (<$160)

    So I've been a big In-ear fan for a few years, gotten a lot of different earphones on the lower end of the price range which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I recently lost my pair of MEElec SP51's which I loved, so I decided I needed to buy some new earphones. I happened to have a listen to a pair...
  14. clawyer27

    Beats Solo HD

    My daughter wants the beats. I want something that looks as fashionable but sounds better. Any suggestions?
  15. thatt1guy

    senn hd 650 vs beats

    Ok so im pretty new to the audiophile scene and i have 700$ burning a whole in my pocket. I was originally thinking to but a senn hd 650 w/ a little dot mk3 and russian 6zh1p-ev tubes for 650. However the new ipod touch 3g has come out and i was thinking about just buying some dre beats and...
  16. mercatorn

    Multiple driver full size headphones

    Are there any full sized headphones with more than 1 driver? I see a lot of IEMs with 2,3,4 drivers and it makes a vast improvement for the sound. So why not full size headphones too? If anyone can enlighten me or knows of a headphone  thanks for the info! 
  17. lilboozy

    Why the Beats Hate?

    You guys do realize that some people would sacrifice detail for bass right? And every other headphone model recommended over them usually look terrible or alright but not good (vmoda m80). Plus the combination of portability and a detachable cable is great.
  18. Vitamin B Pill

    Do you secretly respect Beats?

    Not for the headphones themselves, but for bringing people to soundophilia? It can have a trickle down effect in my opinion.   I imagine a lot of people who have bought beats have gone on to buy other headphones to discover better quality headphones.
  19. mrlolftw

    $10 Fake Dr Dre Beats Solo [REVIEW]

    A few of you might of noticed that i posted a thread about 2 weeks ago on how i ordered a pair of (fake) 10$ Dr Dre Solos of eBay   Well, they came in the mail today, and i listened to them, and i am very impressed...
  20. Beats Solo HD On-Ear Headphone

    Beats Solo HD On-Ear Headphone

    Beats Solo HD headphones are made for music lovers looking for high definition headphones that look as good as they sound. Beats Solo HD headphones combine advanced driver technology and premium design for headphones that deliver legendary Beats by Dr. Dre sound and are lightweight and durable.