1. GreedIslandGM

    The Nasudake M8

    Link to the Nasudake M8. Pros: Amazing sound Highs and Bass are astounding Long battery life Very easy to use and setup Price is cheap for all the stuff that comes with it Can be used as a lanyard when off Cons: The controls are placed too further down The driver flexes (explanation on...
  2. J

    Momentum 2.0 Bass

    I heard that these were good for all types of genres but I previously had other sennheiser headphones and there was no bass at all. I'm not a basshead I just want there to be some bass
  3. Bedroomdj

    Suggestions for dorm room computer speaker setup

    Hi i have a budget of lets call it $600 and that is pushing it, i may be able to up it to $7/800 but lets try to not go much over 6. im moving into my dorm which is about 11'x12' and 7'-9' tall. (Due to neighbors i was told that i should just get 2 speakers like the paradigm shift a2's, the...
  4. J

    Momentum 2.0 or mdr1r?

    Can't decide between the two. I love bassy songs like hip-hop and rap but also the complete opposite like classical and lana del rey
  5. BassHeadJim

    Yet another "please help me choose my next cans" thread

    It's that time again - I am looking for some new cans and I'm hoping to get some ideas here. Any suggestions from you kind and knowledgeable folk would be enormously appreciated. Wish list Sound: I mostly listen to 80s 90s and 00s HipHop so bass is of paramount importance. Lots and lots of...
  6. mikez541

    Looking for a Sony XB90EX alternative?

    Hey guys! So just recently I lost my good pair of Sony mdr xb90ex. Since they are my favorite pair of earphones I went to Amazon to grab another pair but the price has more than tripled. I assume it's because production has ended. So my question is does anyone know a good alternative to these...
  7. HiCZoK

    Budget oriented on-ears. Not for portable use.

    Hi, I own Fiio E10k and Koss Porta Pro and checking out if there is anything new worth a look. I really really like PP sound and I am just looking what else is there. I could use closed headphone but it's not a must. I like warm/bassy fun sound like Porta Pro(so there is not much reason to...
  8. Chillaxman

    Recommendations for best earphones with in-line mic under $100

    Hello guys, i would like to buy the best earphone with in-line mic under $100 that i could use for work. I have tried to google and look but when i compared the reviews, it just doesn't add up. So i need your guy's help with this one as you guys probably know more than the other people giving...
  9. samvafaei

    Headphones Frequency Response: Challenges & Solutions

    Hello Head-Fiers! We have made a video explaining some of the common issues in making frequency response measurements, and the solutions that we have come up with. These include bass leakage/coupling issues, treble inconsistencies, and target response curves. The purpose of this video is to...
  10. R

    B&W P9 vs Fostex TH-900

    Hey guys, I know these two headphones aren't really meant to be everyday items but I'm really sick of crappy gym music and having to listen to crappy earbuds when studying at the library, so I've narrowed it down to just these two closed back audiophile headphones. Now I love clarity and...
  11. Jason Reilly

    Need help picking a new set of headphones

    Hi, I'm looking for some new headphones because I have been using some Sony MDR XB950AP's for the past few years and had all 4 pairs I've owned break on me in the same way and I'm tired of the poor build quality. I'm currently using some turtle beach headphones and the music quality is god...
  12. M

    Help: What are the best durable and good sounding IEM's (budget €40)?

    Hi, After my first post I got recommended to get some better, more durable IEM's. I am looking for ones with a good strong cable, no easy cable breaks etc. And some good sound. I like them to have a warm sound with some good bass. My budget is about €40 and thats stretching it. The ones I...
  13. Mumford and Dra

    Headphone recommendations for my type of music?

    I already own a pair of Sennheiser Momentum 1.0 over ear headphones that I have had for a year and a half. I use them a lot, either when I am on my PC (which is a lot of the time) and when I listen to music on my phone when commuting. But..I dont feel that they are great for a great amount of...
  14. Tr1ppy

    Fender FXA2 versus Future Sonics G10

    I'm torn between the FXA2 and the G10 iem's. They seem to have the sound signature i'm after which is elevated sub-bass, controlled mid-bass and balanced but not elevated mids and treble. I'm quite sensitive to treble and I'm not too bothered about huge treble extension so thats why dark...
  15. C

    Is this normal for Sony MDR-1R headphones?

    Hello. I'm not very experienced in high-end music devices and those things, so please, be kind if my question is stupid. But I can hear and appreciate the difference between these headphones and good earphones like Sony EX650AP. I'd like to ask if it's normal that while I'm listening to some...
  16. AirConditioner

    Want bassy headphones to complement HD 598

    I have an HD 598 which I use with Fiio E17k, absolutely love the sound. However, most of the music I listen to is along the lines of Flume/Weeknd/Synth/Massive Attack etc. (electronic trippy pop). Ever since I bass boosted my 598's I love the way they sound, but I'm wondering if it's worth it...
  17. TonyD45

    Budget Bass Open Back

    Good Morning, Looking for a recommendation for a bass-head budget (under 200, preferred under 100) open back headphones. I realize there are already several threads along these same lines, but most of them are quite dated. Appreciate any responses, thank you.
  18. Dobrescu George

    Simgot EN700 Bass Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Hello everyone! I've been getting interested in the new Simgot EN700 Bass edition IEM since I've noticed a lot of positive reviews for them. I didn't see an official thread for this one so I thought we should have one! Seems that Simgot have improved over their original EN700 design by...