1. S

    Do I need a sound card for my Sennheiser Game Zero?

    I just bough a Sennheiser Game Zero and the sound I hear isn't the one that should get out of it, for sure. My Marshall Major II sound so much better, so I suppose that there is a problem.. I tried to plug it on the motherboard at the back and on the front panel but nothing to do, the sound is...
  2. P

    In The Market For Headphones

    Hello Head-Fi Community, I am in the market for wireless headphones. I am going on a trip to Europe in a month and thought it's time to buy an ACTUAL pair of headphones. I'm a big audiophile- music revolves around my life, but I've never owned anything better then a pair of apple earbuds. I...
  3. luizcrf

    On Air Headphone with best Bass to $ 370 USD

    Guys, I have an Audio-Technica ATH-WS99 + Fiio A3. I think it's a good phone, but I wanted a more accurate bass and a clearer mid / high. Which would you recommend? (preferably a wireless headphone) I separated some: Sony MDR-XB950N1 V-MODA Crossfade 2 Wireless Over-Ear JVC HA-SZ1000...
  4. Splashy2k

    H.ear on 2/H900N bass and sound compared to H.ear on/100ABN

    I have the 100ABN and i'm happy with the bass. I tried the WH-1000XM2 and wasn't happy with the bass. Are the sound and bass in the h.ear on 2/H900N similar to H.ear on/100ABN (their predecessor)? Just to give you an indication, I have the following headphones and I'm happy with their sound...
  5. N

    Advice for getting more bass out of the DT 990 250ohm

    Hello all, I have upgraded my audio from Astro A40's/ Sound Blaster ZX to DT 990's 250ohm version. I still have them paired with the Sound blaster ZX, and even though on paper they should be able to power them, it feels very underwhelming. I have tried different EQ's and even sampled the bass/...
  6. R

    Looking for Sennheiser HD 598 with more bass

    Hi guys, I have a Sennheiser HD 598 for about 5-6 years now which I absolutely love, but since it has a lot of wear now and eventually it will just fall apart, I'm thinking about replacing it and I would like some headphones that are similar in overall sound signature but have a better bass...
  7. Stfr1908

    Bass heavy in ears €150-300

    Hello there, I am looking for a new set of bass heavy in ears. At the moment I have the Alpha & Delta AD 01. I am satisfied about this set but its time for an upgrade. The genres of music that I listen the most: House, Trance, Hardstyle, Hiphop/R&B some preferences: * warm, smooth sound(very...
  8. V

    Grado SR80e - Does not fit my hearing or broken?

    Hello. Since like 12 I listen to music quite often. Used to be 2 or 3 hours a day, now it is only one hour a day, but amybe more I do not measure :-D. Since the end of puberty I am quite picky. Lately my favourite bands are and and...
  9. Ksweene5

    Mid-Fi IEMs - Looking for a new sound

    Hi HF - I recently pared down my collection of headphones/iems and am looking to grab a new pair of over ears and iem's. First up - IEMs. I still have my Etymotic HF5s and MeeAudio Pinnacle P1's. I recently sold Ety er4p/s. I am wanting a new set of IEMs that lean towards fun - as opposed to...
  10. hammeramr

    Fiio E12 DIY Combinations

    Hello all, Skip to the bold paragraph if you want to get straight to the question and skip the intro :3 I am new to the Hi - FI life and I after 8 months of using my set up I am sure I am starting to become an audiophile, but I am inexperienced and would like some help getting the most out of...
  11. limfo

    Earbuds under 150$ with good bass

    Hello everyone. I am looking for earbuds for my zishan dsd. Mostly i am listen EDM music, but also i am listening another genres, so i dont want to focus only on bass, i'd like to enjoy all frequencys, without very sharp treble and mind blowing sibilants. At this moment on my mind I have...
  12. C

    Help me pick: Unique Melody, Lear or other CIEM for my needs?

    Hey guys, I am looking for my first CIEM (China/HK brand preferred) and hoping you guys could help me pick a winner. Budget: $1000 to $1200 Music I listen to: (mainly instrumentals when possible) Mainly- Dubstep, Chillstep, Hip Hop, Trance, Rap. I also like some- Metal, Punk, Rock, Oldies...
  13. D

    New member here. Looking for in-ear earphones with good bass.

    Hello everyone I'm new here :). signed up just now, looking for help. I'm looking for an 'In-Ear' earphones for my girlfriend birthday. I recently bought the htc u11 and used the earphones included with the box (HTC USonic) myself, and was kinda surprised by their quality, So I told my gf to...
  14. Pete7874

    Inexpensive on-ear phones with good amount of bass?

    I'm looking for something relatively portable/foldable that's comfortable and delivers good amount of bass and does not bleed sound to the outside, up to about $50 new. Would the now discontinued Audio Technica ATH-SJ11 be worth a try? What else should I be looking at? Thanks!
  15. jstevanus

    Basshead can recommendations? (Budget <$100)

    Currently, I have a pair of Sennheiser HD 202's, and they work great with no amp which is what I'm looking for. Now, I'm interested in getting some strong bass (with no amp). I wonder if the bluetooth headphones, that contain their own tiny amp, are better than the amp in my phone or laptop...
  16. S

    Help - Bassy Headphones Under $200

    Hey! First of all, I'm new here and don't know that much about headphones but I always wanted a good pair, and now that I got an LG V20 that has an AMP/Q-DAC I'm really looking to buy a decent pair. I'm going to use them exclusively for listening, paired with my LG V20, so I don't have an AMP...
  17. Renato Fury

    How does AKG K712 behave with EDM?

    When I was decided to buy the HD 650 Sennheiser decided to release the HD 660 S, and now I no longer see the HD 650 with the same eyes, so I'll leave this update to a more distant future, but now I'm thinking about the AKG K712, my favorite musical genre is EDM but it can be said that I'm...
  18. TikantiXD

    Upgrade from SE215, Recommendations

    Hi head-fi(ers)! As the title suggests, I'm looking to upgrade from the Shure SE-215. I have a small portable amplifier if needed, but I'd like to avoid carrying it around if possible. Qualifications, in order of importance: - In-Ears, with over-ear cable - Under $200 - Durability matching...
  19. Loxz

    Is it enough with a receiver?

    I have been using the Philips Fidelio X2 with my receiver (Onkyo TX-8050) for some years. The receiver is connected to my PC with an Optical cable (S/PDIF). I have read in different threads that the X2 is often used with an Amp or DAC but never read about connecting it to a receiver. The X2 has...
  20. S

    In-earphone under 150$ ( bass oriented )

    I am looking for a earphone from 30-150$ . I can't listen to highs that are spiky and harsh . Just want a good earphone with lots of punchy bass( sub bass ) and excellent mids . Till now , I narrowed to sennhieser's momentum but looking for more choices.
  21. basshead007

    Need portable Headphone!!

    Hey guys, I'm not that much of an audiophile but I would like to get a new pair of cans. I'm currently rocking a Sennheiser IE80 and the cable is such a mess... I've already bought 2 replacement cables and the 2nd one just broke. I'm going to mainly be listening in quiet public places (bus...
  22. Basshead Paul

    Why is it considered bad for sound quality to add more bass (with bass boost or equalizer) to accurate, neutral headphones such as AKG K7xx?

    I own a few sets of headphones and one of them is AKG K7xx. They're great headphones for a lot of reasons, but bass is their weakest characteristic. I've seen other audiophiles with similar issues, and I'm wondering why people don't just add more bass with an equalizer or bass boost function...
  23. J

    Bass no longer being produced through headphones

    Hi all. I'm hard of hearing and usually listen to music through headphones. I can only hear in my left ear so I have mono sound settings on where it's available. My problem is since i got my hearing back a week ago monday, bass is no longer being produced through my headphones. I have two...
  24. S

    Looking for some FUN headphones strictly for gaming

    After searching for a while for the best audio setup i could get for my money i finally got the AD700x for strictly competitive gaming(Rainbow 6, PUBG) which is hooked on the Fiio 10k and now im looking for a good FUN headphones for strictly Single player, and games where positional audio isnt...