balanced armature in-ear monitor
  1. ThieAudio Voyager 3

    ThieAudio Voyager 3

    Ground Control to Major Tom As with its elder brother, the Voyager 14, the inspiration for a more affordable in ear monitor came from our aspirations to set new bars as to what professional earphones can achieve. By optimizing the number of drivers to three balanced armatures, we effectively...
  2. Fatfreq Harmony

    Fatfreq Harmony

  3. Adnan Firoze

    [SOLD] [FS] Fearless Audio S8F

    [SOLD] Hi, Selling my Fearless Audio S8 in great condition bought from Linsoul earlier this year, Extremely detailed. I loved them but need money. - No cardboard box (lost it) but will provide the actual hard plastic case it came in (see picture) - Will come with upgraded balanced 2.5mm...
  4. S

    ER4XR twice the normal resistance, extremely quiet, no low end. Possible to fix?

    A week ago I sniped a pair of broken ER4XRs on eBay for 80€. The seller said that one side didn't play and I was hoping that a simple cable swap would fix the issue. Sadly, it wasn't the cable's fault and instead the driver's. With my multimeter I measured 45 ohm for the working driver and 90...
  5. jamesbertuzzi

    Introducing: BT Transfer Dual Driver Wireless Earphones

    Greetings Head-Fi! A few months back we launched the BT Transfer - dual driver wireless earphones intended for everyday audiophile use. A handful of Head-Fi reviews have surfaced so far. We are pleased that the reception has been quite positive. We would like to offer up 5 free review...
  6. 91Dokuganryu

    [SOLD] Moondrop A8 for sale

    Hey guys, i am planing to sell my beloved Moondrop A8 Flagship IEMs, thex are in a very good state, used them only for commuting, didn't even use them 20 times, i sell them because my wife gifted me the Audio64 UT12 and i think the beautiful A8 don't deserve to just sit there and not being used...
  7. Rish732

    SOLD: Toneking T88k - 8BA iem - soundstage galore

    SOLD SOLD SOLD A beautiful 8BA per side IEM. Balanced,Spacious sound. Just too large for my ears. $265 shipped to the US. I paid $345 (plus tax) from Massdrop. They are in mint condition. PM me for any questions regarding shipping internationally or other questions. Thank you!
  8. CCA C16

    CCA C16

    CCA C16 | 8*BA Brand Name: CCA Model Number: C16 Time to market: 2019 Vocalism Principle: Balanced Armature Sensitivity: 105±3dB Frequency Response Range: 20-40000Hz Resistance: 27Ω Style: In-Ear Connection: 2-Pin Connectors: 3.5mm Line Length: 1.2m Active Noise-Cancellation: No