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    In Bakoon mania listening room 🇰🇷 , Formal distributor of Bakoon Products 🇯🇵
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    Bakoon VHA5240 , for portable HeadphoneAmp / VR Head Set
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    In Youngsan Iparkmall Wood Stairs park, Seoul. Republic of Korea 2020.08.04 Tue / shot by Canon EosM5 📸
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    Bakoon Products newly Headphone AMPLIFIER, The Cap1003
  5. Allears79

    Bakoon HPA21 for sale

    Hi, Selling my Bakoon HPA-21. Only reason I am doing this is because I just bought the Chord TT2 and don't feel I need extra amplification with my current headphones. The device is in mint condition, with original box, manual, power chord, manual and bag for the box with logo. Buyer to pay...
  6. ThePrince425

    (Price drop!) Bakoon HPA-01M Satri Current Amplifier!

    Rarely available on the market, the HPA-01M earns its legendary status for its unique proprietary approach using current based amplification. This is sublime with my power hungry Audezes and HD800S driven in current mode. Reviews all around, universally positive, and arguably the best portable...
  7. ThePrince425

    Wanted: Bakoon

    Looking for Bakoon HPA 21, 01 or 01M. Shoot me an offer with details, thanks!
  8. CanDude

    Bakoon HPA-21 headphone amplifier

    The thread was more or less hijacked for Bakoon HPA-21. I felt that one of the best headphone amplifiers in the world needed its own thread so please continue to post discussions...
  9. rudi0504

    High end Bakoon headphone amp Japan version discussion thread and Impression Thread

    Hi Head Fier friends      yesterday I went in Jaben jakarta Indonesia , my friend just bought 2 high end headphone  amplifier from bakoon Japan . the type from these two amps :  small amp :HDA - 5210 mk3 big amp : SCA - 7130 mk3 with upgrade vww/att   bakoon Japan version is different...