1. yoowan

    Brainwavz B400

    These iems are in mint condition. Will be shipped with all accessories and in original box, only silicone tips are missing.
  2. cubed4life

    Selling Brainwavz B400 in Cosmic Black

    Offers welcomed. Selling my B400 Cosmic Black. They are in mint condition. Used a few times since I got them new from Brainwavz in January. Comes with everything in pictures and shipping with tracking in US for $100 via PayPal.
  3. Jerda

    [EU] brainwavz b400

    Selling them, like new and without the comply ( you don't want to use it after my 2 month with me, trust me :beyersmile:) I sell them because I don't use them, even if I like a lot their sound signature I prefer to sell them to buy an over ear ( without a pair right now)
  4. rantng

    SOLD - Brainwavz B400 w/frosty & balanced cables

    Brainwavz B400 Quad driver IEM w/frosty cable & new balanced cable. Got these as part of a package deal. Frosty cable shows some greening, but this doesn't affect the sound. IEM shells look a little milky; I think this is the result of whatever glue Brainwavz used to attach the two halves of the...
  5. Jerda

    (EU) Brainwavz B400___CLOSED

    Searching a pair, mint. If you wanna sell and you ve buyed during the blackfriday sale.... let me know!
  6. Lurk650

    Brainwavz B400 (No Longer F/S)

    Frosty white, normal balanced and unbalanced cables, case, stock tips (possibly the Complys too, will have to check). Other than that, lightly used, shoot me an offer. I'll entertain anything reasonable. Continental US States only, will pay shipping. Can/Will upload pics if needed.
  7. J

    (SOLD) Brainwavz B400, Black (Barely Used)

    I very recently received this IEM from Brainwavz. Have only listened to it for a few days. Sound and fit are both excellent. However, I realize that I prefer the sound of dynamic drivers over BA drivers (the B400 was my first multi-BA IEM). This is for the black color. Comes with the standard...
  8. Salsera

    Brainwavz Cyber Monday Deals Now Live - Get'em while they're hot!

    Cyber Monday has arrived, below are the deals Brainwavz is currently running, most deals will run till Wednesday. Most deals are mirrored on our direct website, Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk (delivers to all of EU). Storewide Coupon Code* (Brainwavz audio store only): Get and extra 15% off your...
  9. TympanicLiam

    Brainwavz B400 Comparisons?

    Any of you out there spent time with the B400 as well as anything like Triple Fi's, Weston's 30-40's, UE 900s? Looking to replace a pair of triple fi's broken in one ear, and wouldn't mind getting something more ergonomic.
  10. TympanicLiam

    Brainwavz B400: Why not metal?

    Ive been a fan of Brainwavz since I bought a pair of B100s about a year ago, and have since bought a pair for my boyfriend as well. Thinking of upgrading soon and taking notice of the new B400s, but i'm wondering about a couple of things. Like, why are they 3d printed as opposed to the die cast...
  11. Jerda


    So I'm searching a pair of iem and I've just saw the nuforce edc (65€) and the brainwavz b400(160€) Anything in between? 160€ is big price for me after audio budget went to zero after he400i and amp/dac but you know.... so right now I'm searching something to buy with a SQ and a price in...