aurvana trio
  1. Jupit3r

    In-depth Review of the Creative Aurvana Trio Triple Driver IEM

    Pros: Easy to drive. Natural and balanced sound. Comfort and Isolation. Reasonable price. Cons: The Plastic IEM housing lacks premium feel. Midrange is not entirely clear. Only a few accessories. Creative Aurvana headphones are known for their high audio quality and moderate prices. The...
  2. Creative Aurvana Trio

    Creative Aurvana Trio

    Drivers: 2x balanced armature drivers 1 x 10mm dynamic driver (Neodymium magnet with Bio-cellulose diaphragm) - Frequency response 5 Hz – 40 kHz - Impedance 16 Ohm - Sensitivity (1 kHz) 103 dB/mW • Inline Microphone MEMS microphone - Frequency response 100 Hz – 10 kHz - Impedance <200 Ohm -...