1. nckslvrmn

    Music Server Solution?

    Hello All,   I was wondering if anyone knows an solution to the question I'm about to raise. I am looking for a music server. I'd like the music server to be a server with a hard drive to store all of the music. I'd also like it to have a digital out because I'm using an external DAC. But...
  2. project86

    Matrix X-Sabre DAC review and impression thread

    DSD is all the rage these days. Despite there not being a whole lot of music available in the format (SACDs aside), DAC makers are jumping on the feature as fast as they can. And I can't blame them - aside from our "regular" music, we all love a little ear candy to show off the capabilities of...
  3. Auraliti PK90 USB

    Auraliti PK90 USB

    For some time audiophiles have been asking us to make a file player optimized for use with USB audio converters. We are pleased to introduce the PK90-USB with the cleanest USB connection ever offered. The USB output is isolated from the Mother Board and it's power supply is separately regulated...