a&ultima sp1000
  1. Omega139

    For sale: A&Ultima SP1000 SS + Accessories

    Hey guys, I'm selling my SP1000 SS with some additional accessories. The device is in excellent condition. It always had a screen protector and glass protector on the back on it, and I always used a case when I bought it (not including time spent switching cases, installing screen protector...
  2. Omega139

    [FS] Astell&Kern SP1000 Cordovan Leather Case

    Hey guys, I'm selling my SP1000 Cordovan leather case. It comes with all the packaging and warranty. It's in excellent condition, but just has a small dent in the back. The case actually came with the dent when I purchased it. I hear you can heat leather with a blow dryer to work out dents in...
  3. fuhransahis

    [SOLD] Astell&Kern A&ultima SP1000

    Hello, I just received an SP1000 I purchased second hand today, and would like to sell it. I am looking to get a Hugo 2 instead since I listen mainly at home nowadays. It has a few minor scuff marks that are barely visible on photos, priced accordingly. All else is working perfectly. Extra...