audioquest - dragonfly red
  1. Condocondor

    Dragonfly COBALT vs.............Discussions

    Ordered the Audioquest Dragonfly COBALT today. Will be comparing how it stacks up to my iFi Micro iDSD Black Label. Obviously, the iFi will trounce it but how will it stack up? I had the DFR and it was sort of sibilant with edgy treble. The COBALT will have the new ESS ES9038Q2M DAC chip...
  2. pure5152

    SOLD: Audioquest Dragonfly Red

    Selling an Audioquest Dragonfly Red in gently used condition (see photos and comments below). I bought this from amazon on January 11, 2018 and used it for roughly 50 hours or so before switching to an Oppo ha2se, and eventually a mojo. It's been kept in a box in the meanwhile, and I've...
  3. A

    Headphones recommendations for Audioquest Dragonfly Red

    After a very long hiatus of chasing the hifi tail I'm back into looking for a new headphone system or two. My first order of business is to find a simple system with relatively high audio quality for listening at the office. Since I will almost exclusively be listening to streaming via Tidal...
  4. Condocondor

    AUDIOQUEST DRAGONFLY RED Dac/Amp. Opened Box, Plus iFi iDefender

    Sold Waon this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G portable Dac/Amp at a meet on Nov 3, 2018 at the S.E. Michigan Headphone Meet. Brand new in box. Needs a home for someone on the go. It's really hard to believe the sound quality this little guy puts out! I have also decided to include iFi iDefender in original...
  5. Taleru

    SOLD AudioQuest Dragonfly Red

    Comes with original box. Updated to latest firmware, works flawlessly and in pristine condition.
  6. jamescheru

    Audioquest dragonfly red

    Wants to buy Audioquest dragonfly red. Shipping location Clemson, SC
  7. jurumal

    SOLD! Audioquest Dragonfly Red

    Audioquest Dragonfly Red I’m the first owner owner of this amazing piece. Unit is in perfect working condition and great cosmetic condition with minor blemishes that you may find if you look closely. The Dragonfly Red comes with its original retail packaging and the included leather sleeve for...
  8. ceeloChamp


  9. ceeloChamp

    WTT - AudioQuest Nighthawk Carbon & Dragonfly Red for MMCX 3.5mm Cable

    Hey all, I had thought these were sold, but the deal has fallen through. I want to trade my MINT AudioQuest Nighthawk Carbon (with aftermarket Oppo cable) & Dragonfly Red for a really nice MMCX, 3.5mm cable. I will include pictures later tonight. Best, Ben
  10. ceeloChamp

    WTS $550 Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon w. Audioquest Dragonfly Red

    Hey All, I want to sell my Mint Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon w. Audioquest Dragonfly Red, also included is a nice aftermarket Oppo cable for the Nighthawks, the stock cable is terrible. The Nighthawks come with all their accessories and are in their leather carrying case. I will sell them and...
  11. ceeloChamp

    **SOLD** WTT -- Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon w.Oppo Cable & Dragonfly Red for TOTL MMCX Cable

    Hello! I posted in the headphone classifieds, but then it occurred to me that I want to trade for a cable so I should post here. I want to trade all the below -Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon (Mint) -Oppo Cable -Audioquest Dragonfly Red for a really really nice MMCX cable for my...
  12. ceeloChamp

    **SOLD**WTS/WTT - AudioQuest Nighthawk Carbon w.Oppo Cable & Dragonfly Red

    Hey All, Selling for: -650 (for all) Trading for: -High-end MMCX cables with either 3.5mm/2.5bal Termination I am trying to sell my Mint AudioQuest Nighthawk Carbons with an aftermarket Oppo cable and the portable amp, also made by Audioquest -- the Dragonfly Red...I also have an...
  13. ceeloChamp

    WTB/trade for Campfire Andromeda

    Hey all, I want to buy/trade for a mint pair of Andromedas. Ideally I’d like to trade my mint Audioquest Nighthawk Carbons + Oppo cable + Audioquest Dragonfly Red (used twice) + $$ for a pair of Andromedas that are in great shape. I would also be willing to straight up buy them.
  14. koover

    Portable Amp/DAC recommendations

    Hello My DFR decided to take a crap on me and is no more. I need another portable Amp/DAC that's on par or better then the DFR that's about 1/2 the price or a bit more. I loved the DFR, the only portable unit I ever had owned, so I'm ignorant to what's out there. I don't want to spend another...
  15. CFGamescape

    SOLD - AudioQuest DragonFly Red (DFR)

    For sale is a perfectly working DFR that I've been using as my portable DAC/amp for the past two years. As such, it does have some aesthetic wear-n-tear. I'm selling because I've upgraded my portable equipment. I do not have the box, but it does come with the leatherette case (note, this also...
  16. dmhenley

    FS - Audioquest Dragonfly Red - US$150 SOLD

    I'm selling my Dragonfly Red. I just don't use it. Maybe 50 hours on it. It's in excellent condition. I'll include the cable I used to connect it to my Android phone. I'll ship to CONUS. Paypal only. I'll absorb the fees. Posted about it here: Thanks.
  17. T1000

    SOLD: Audioquest Dragonfly Red

    Hi Guys, selling my barely used Dragonfly Red with original box, manual and leather case. I´m the original owner and i bought it in April 2017 through Amazon, so there´s still warranty on it. Asking for 140 € + Shipping. Thanks.
  18. gavinfabl

    Audioquest Dragonfly Red

    I am selling my Audioquest Dragonfly Red, no box, just as per photo below. In excellent condition, was bought in June 2017 from Amazon UK.
  19. Mompy7777

    Best DAC/AMP option for Sennheiser HD650

    Hello everyone, its my first time on this great forum By no means I consider myself an audiophyle, I feel more like an enthusiast with basic knowledge about this hobby Saying that, I will be gettin on december one of the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX edition (basically a HD650) for $200, I also...