1. aznpos531

    Recommendation for Portable DAC

    I've been using the Fiio E7 with my Android phone for some time now and I'm happy with the sound. However I'm looking to reduce the bulk of my setup so I'm in the market for a small DAC/amp to replace the E7. I've been looking at the Dragonfly from Audioquest as well as the Fulla from Schiit. I...
  2. Wydz

    Would this b a good start up desktop set up?

      Never used any of this stuff before, and I got talked into using Open headphone instead of closed, NEVER used open before, so I dont know if im going to like them at all.   Is this the best i could do for ~$350 or could i do betterish?
  3. adiebear

    Which DAC/ Pre? Help!

    Hi all I confess I'm not a heaphone junkie. I have ACS T15 IEMs for now and an Audioquest Dragonfly that I use when travelling (using JRiver).  I have however spent much time lurking as Head-Fi seems the place to learn about DACs etc.   I would like some advice to spruce up my listening...
  4. MichaelLeong

    $15 to $75

    How much difference can I expect if I upgrade my $15 earbuds to a $75 earbuds/headphones?
  5. BabylonDown

    Backpacking This Summer. Need Portable AMP/DAC

    Hey guys,   I am going to be backpacking in Europe in August and I am looking for a portable AMP/DAC that I can use with my Asus UX21A Ultrabook and IEM's. I want to keep the price around $100ish.   I've been looking at the following.   Fiio E17   Fiio X3   Fiio E18   Audioquest...
  6. k21000

    PC USB Headpone amp/dac for poor person with a laptop and old Senn headphones

    Due to my dwindling funds over the years, I could not afford to fix my headphones and amp which slowly stopped working over time. I eventually threw them all in a cupboard and forgot about them.   I recently pulled them out and want to start enjoying them again. I have found the problems and...
  7. indieman

    Chromebook as source?

    I'm looking for a source for my listening area. I'll be using the AudioQuest DragonFly as my dac/amp, and want to have my music library on a usb 3.0 external hdd. I don't have a lot of room or budget for a big computer or expensive ultra book. This Samsung chromebook is perfect for my size...
  8. Badg3r

    Just ordered a dragonfly v1.2 USB Dac have a few questions

    I was wondering if there will be any issues if I plugged the DAC into my keyboards (Logitech G710+) USB pass through port or a USB extension cable. Can I run into any issues this way? Would I be better off connecting the device directly to my Pc?
  9. nipponbiki

    Dragonfly DAC and Shure 535

    Hello,   I just recently bought a new laptop mostly so I can work in coffee shops and such as I am a freelance translator. It is an Asus laptop that comes with a little subwoofer. Anyway the noise that comes out the headphone jack on the laptop is insane, so I did some research and bought the...
  10. pearljam50000

    Best USB DAC/amp for 250$ or less, D3 ,Dragonfly or something else?

    The question is in the title... I am also interested in the "Geek Out". Thanks for the help.
  11. mgbi

    DAP+IEM/HEAD combo for £150-£300

    Dear all,   (I just noticed this is a bit long but I hope its worth the read and consideration since I am trying to mix work and fun here)   I've been reading quite a few threads over the last few weeks whenever time allowed and I want to get a kit going and my requirements are not...
  12. magicalmouse

    audiophile tablet - possibly usb/lineout

    Hi, I wonder if there exists a tablet with high quality audio either from headphone out or suing an external amplifier or dac/amp - wanted for streaming spotify   thanks   d
  13. seeteeyou

    $189 ALO Audio The Key USB DAC - 32-Bit / 384KHz with PCM5102A

  14. nipponbiki

    Dragonfly and Shure 535

    Sorry, I put this in the computer audio forum, and then saw a message that said DAC threads should go here.   Hello,   I just recently bought a new laptop mostly so I can work in coffee shops and such as I am a freelance translator. It is an Asus laptop that comes with a little subwoofer...
  15. curiosus

    Draogonfy + Winamp + Wasapi, optimal settings?

    I just bought Dragonfly DAC and it's already amazing but I just want to make sure I am using the best possible settings   Here's my current Winamp Wasapi screenshots:   Is this already the best possible setting I can ever have?   Here's my whole setup BTW...
  16. curiosus

    Dragonfly + Winamp + Wasapi, optimal settings?

    I just bought Dragonfly DAC and it already sounds amazing.   Here's a screenshot of my current Winamp Wasapi settings:   I was wondering if this is already the best setting that can produce the best sound quality?   Here's my whole setup BTW: Windows 7 >...
  17. edgeworth

    Help with Dragonfly not changing colors

    Hi all.  I didn't find this topic after a few searches, so I'm asking for help here.  I just got the Audioquest Dragonfly (older version) and it installed nicely.  I set it to 24 bit, 96k but I thought that using it with Foobar2000 should allow the files to be processed differently for 16 bit...
  18. azureaura

    Is the Audioquest Dragonfly the most compatible with android phones?

    Should I opt for this, or the HRT microstreamer, if the hifi shop near me gets the dragonfly in often, and recommends it? I know it will be good, but it needs Sound Recorder Pro to work properly. I'm forgetting iPhone dacs for now, as I will opt for the iphone 5, and companies have nothing for...
  19. alterndog

    Which is the better under $100 DAC/amp? Fiio e10 vs Audioquest Dragonfly

    I am looking for a DAC/amp for under $100. I can get a e10 for $45, but recent noticed that the Dragonfly has dropped to $100. I am powering a pair of Hifiman HE300, RE-262s and TDK BA200. I was curious if the dragonfly is significantly better than the e10 priced at $45.
  20. delancyst

    Desktop DAC / Amp for IEMs?

    Hi guys, what's a good desktop usb dac/amp that can drive sensitive IEMs well (already have a schiit lyr for headphone duties)? Have been looking around, seems like the ALO Pan Am is highly recommended, but I'd prefer one that can be powered solely by USB. Any issues that I need to watch out...
  21. LAmitchell


    Okay,   I know these two devices have been out for a while, but that's why I thought it would be worth it to open up a new thread on them.    I found the DRAGONFLY to be amazing in a "hey-check-it-out wow" kind of way.... clear, detailed, fast, etc... but the reason I eventually got an...
  22. 329161

    UHA 4 Vs Dragonfly 1.2

    Hi peeps.   I'm in the market for a new portable Amp/Dac to drive sounds from my Galaxy S3 via Usb. I'm looking at either of these models. Any suggestions/recommendations?   Cheers in advance.
  23. canadaguy

    please help!!! can't hear a difference with my

    Hello All,   I just hooked up a DragonFly to my Windows 8 pc setup (passive speakers and amp) and totally cannot hear any improvements at all.   I believe the manual suggests pc volume at 25% to max, media player (I'm using foobar) to 100% and then I guess use my amp's volume manually??? ...
  24. money4me247

    Giant List of sub-$200 portable DACs w/ their chips & price

    hey, I recently went through the trouble to look up the DAC chips & prices of quite a few sub-$200 DACs. Fricking manufacturers often do not disclose their DAC chip on their product specs. (kinda shady imo lol) Not sure if this list would be helpful to anyone, but I figured I'd post it. Please...
  25. ace54

    tube amp vs solid state amp recommendations?

    tube amp vs solid state amp    which is better for movies and mainstream music i do not listen to classical or jazz    looking for an amp in price range of about $120.00    thanks