1. mjm6

    FS: Audiophilleo 2 original version

    This is an Audiophilleo 2 original version that I purchased directly from the manufacturer about 6 years ago. It works great, sounds great, and I have updated the firmware on it over time, but the last time was about a year ago. Not sure if there's been any new FW since then. I don't have a...
  2. catalin24ro

    Audiophilleo 2 MK I + Pure Power (AP2 + PP Blue)

    For sale Audiophilleo2 MK I + Purepower, original box that comes from the manufacturer. I recommend especially audiophiles who want to convert your laptop / PC into a high-end source coupled through AP2 to an external DAC. The battery from Purepower are also in excellent condition! Shipping...
  3. miziq

    Audiophilleo2 + PurePower mint

    I'm selling used Audiophilleo2 + PurePower  in mint, perfect condition. Only few hours of play.   Paypal payments. Please add 3.4 %.   I'll take offers. Thanks in advance.      Buy with confidence ! Kindly check my positive feedback here and in profile.  Member since 2001.
  4. philo50


    One of the very best S/PDIF convertors. It will transform your DAC with mediocre usb implementation into a very much improved unit. I have just recently upgraded to a PS Perfect Wave mk2 and find that I no longer need my Audiohilleo2.   Comes with original packaging and all necessary...
  5. robertsong

    Audiophilleo2 Perfect Condition

    I have had this for about a week. I'm the second owner, and I have decided to go a different direction.  It's a newer version with the latest firmware revision 1.27 factory installed, and it is 100% working. Fantastic condition. Everything included: Comes with original box, 3 adapters, stock...
  6. happywater

    : Audiophilleo2 usb interface with or with out purepower

    Want to buy a Audiophilleo 2 usb interface with or with out purepower in good working condition plz let me know the price shipped to canada Toronto thanks
  7. mtruong34

    WTT Audiophilleo 1 for Audiophilleo 2 + Purepower

    I have an Audiophilleo 1 that I'm looking to trade for an Audiophilleo 2 + Purepower. I don't use all the extra features found on the AP1 so I'd be willing to sacrifice features for performance. The retail for AP2+PP is about $25 more ($999 vs $974) so I'd be willing to offset if you think it's...
  8. philo50


    Selling one of my USB/SPDIF converters as I have upgraded to a dac where it is no longer necessary.The Audiophilleo2 is a terrific piece of gear and will improve sound over most usb implemintations. Reduced jitter,wider soundstage and more emphatic bass were some of the things I valued. No...
  9. sphinxvc

    Audiophilleo2 USB/Spdif converter **For Sale**

    Perfect condition Audiophilleo2 for sale with all accessories included.
  10. Loko-Pillo

    Audiophilleo2 (Price Reduced)

    Welcome to my little Head-Fi corner!   I bought this Audiophilleo2 last December from here.   Price includes everything. Shipping, etc.   It is in great condition and works perfectly. It is the best S/PDIF converter I heard, though I haven't heard many to be fair.   I'm...
  11. Misterrogers

    Audiophilleo2 + PurePower

    The Audiophilleo2 is fairly new and PurePower is brand new. I love the sound coming out of these devices, but I just added an exaU2I USB -> I2S card to my Buffalo III, which sounds on par with the AP2/PP combination. These retail for $1K, so here's your chance to get 25% off of an essentially...
  12. Sid-Fi

    Audiophilleo2 with PurePower Upgrade (w/ free WireWorld Ultraviolet USB cable)

    Up for sale is my Audiophilleo2 USB to SPDIF converter (asynchronous) with the upgraded PurePower battery pack/smart board. I purchased both of these units directly from Audiophilleo. I initially purchased the Audiophilleo2 about a year and a half ago, and then sent it back to be upgraded with...
  13. kr0gg

    WTB: Audiophilleo2 -or - Bel Canto uLink usb-spdif converter

    Hello everyone! I'd like to get a second-hand Audiophilleo2 (with or without PurePower) or a Bel Canto uLink usb-spdif converter. If you've got one and want to sell it - don't hesitate and write me :)   Your location doesn't matter. Payment will be made by Paypal, ofc.
  14. ramarge3653

    Help with selecting a DAC

    Hello,   I’m considering on purchasing my first DAC, but I really don’t know where to start.  First let me explain and detail my current setup.   It’s a vinyl setup TT: VPI Scoutmaster with a Dynavector 17D3 cartridge Phono stage: Aesthetix Rhea (tube phone/pre) Marantz PM11S2...
  15. anonymoustao

    Recommended USB to SPDIF converter to use with a Metrum Octave DAC

      I am looking for a USB to SPDIF converter to use with a Metrum Octave DAC.  The primary ones under consideration are:   1.  JKSPDIF Mk III ($460) 2.  Audiophilleo 2 with Pure Power ($999) 5.  Wavelength Audio WaveLink ($900)   The configuration would be computer->USB to...
  16. Currawong

    Audiophilleo 1 and 2 USB to S/PDIF transport

    So we don't pollute other thread, I'm starting up a thread to discuss the Audiophilleo products here.   I recently bought the Audiophilleo 1 and, while it is almost double the cost of the 2, the gadget nut in me wanted to play with the various features. Regardless, I intended it as an "end...
  17. Audiophilleo 2

    Audiophilleo 2

    Ultra-low jitter USB to S/PDIF digital converter.