audiophile grade
  1. N

    Is 32/48 audio an overkill?

  2. lithiumnk

    IFI mercury cable 3.0 (0.5m)

    Selling IFI Mercury cable 3.0. (0.5m) Perfect cable for all the ifi dac/amp/ micro iusb3.0 users. Mint condition. Original box and accessories available. Selling because i have moved to i2s. Price includes shipping. Buyer pays PayPal. PM for any other queries.
  3. phara0hseye

    iPhone AE - Audiophile Edition

    I was listening to Sara K on Chesky records on three DAPs with my Son Q doing a comparison for some reviews we are going to post. He works for Apple and I am a fan of their products from before the time of his employment with them. I would like to see an iPhone AE option. On a two-year life...