1. Mushrooshi

    Skeptical about "The best headphones EVAR for $10"

    *I promise you this isn't the random canned spam you guys have had lately*   They look like this, except in black with "audiology" splattered on then   So... lately at school, one of my friends found these headphones for $10 at big lots, and at the moment everyone (note...
  2. Audiology Rasta AU-100 Over Ear Headphones

    Audiology Rasta AU-100 Over Ear Headphones

    Professional stereo sound quality, durable construction. Compatible with iPods, MP3 Players, Portable DVD Players, radios and laptops for universal appeal. Frequency response: 20-20000Hz; Impedance: 32 Ohms; Sensitivity: 102 dB; Max input power: 50mW; Cord length: 1.2M; Plug type: 3.5mm