1. D

    Newbie: DAC/Amp Recommendations

    New lurker here, just getting into this word! I've always loved music (mostly metal), now I'm just slightly less poor so I can enjoy it even more with a little bit of gear. Quick question for the folks who've been in this world for a while and may have a rudder adjustment for my research. What's...
  2. Ulysses31

    Audioengine D1 Clicking and Popping in Windows 10 latest build

    Hi Everyone I noticed this has been discussed via But could do with some help as to free up memory regarding what processes in Windows 10 Version 1803 OS Build 17134,407. It seems my Philips...
  3. snapz47

    Audioengine D1 Dac/amp , Audeze i Sine 10 VR w/ extras bundle

    delete pls
  4. HeadphoneAddict

    Review - Audioengine D2 Wireless Hi-Res USB/Optical SPDIF DAC & Transport

    This isn't gonna be like one of my previous reviews. It's a belated re-review of the Audioengine D2 DAC, which I believe I posted to Computer Audio where it didn't belong last December 2016, and it may have been moved to this forum and subsequently lost somehow. It was pointed out as missing...
  5. [No title]

    [No title]

    Audioengine A5+ BamBOO
  6. ZSamuels28

    Best portable DAC/AMP?

    Hi Head-Fiers, I'm looking for the best portable DAC/AMP in the price range of around $100-200. I've been looking into getting the Audioquest Dragonfly and getting a separate amp or no amp at all. I've also looked in the Audioengine D3 or the new Fiio E17k but I can't find much on the E17k...
  7. Mops123

    What should i upgrade ?

    i use the pc for : gaming/music/movies   there is no main use, i use the 3 of them pretty much   i have: audigy se amp speakers: (click on spec bottom left corner)   i...
  8. rsharmen

    AMP + DAC Suggestion

    Hi guys!   Need advise on a portable AMP + DAC for my IEM. Using the Final Audio Design Adagio III.  Mostly will be using with my computer. I heard that some amps can improve the soundstage and that would go well with my IEM. I might upgrade to the Etymotic Research ER or Audio Technica...
  9. jeffmd

    Looking for small speakers for laptop use.

    I have a laptop on my bed that I use a lot to web browse and watch movies on while relaxing. I used to have a pair of old sony bookshelf speakers to boost the sound quality but the internal connections went bad and I decided I would try and find a new set rather then fix them, so here I am. I am...
  10. Curious Ape

    Logitec z2300 thoughts?

    So I am very new to this and I picked up the Logitec z2300 system for christmas a year or two back and I am curious how bad I did at the uneducated buy. At the time it was 120 new on amazon they have since stopped production on them and the price seems to be all over the place. So far as sound...
  11. jamesnie93

    Good Speakers for a Dorm Room? Audioengine vs Harmon Kardon vs Antec

    Hi everyone. I am looking for a set of computer speakers for my macbook pro (Terrible, but it's all I have to work with). I mostly listen to alternative rock and rap/hip hop. I try to get all my audio at 320 or FLAC. I don't have an amp or an upgraded soundcard, but I would be willing to get...
  12. n0ah

    Amp/DAC for A5 speakers?

    Most of my listening lately has been through my Audioengine A5's and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience getting a noticable bump in SQ and with what outside equipment? I still do headphones, but won't bother listing what I have as I'm not bound to what I do have and as I said all...
  13. francoamerican

    Audioengine N22 Desktop Integrated Amp and Headphone Amp

    Headphone Amplifier: Burr-Brown/TI OPA2134   Interesting multi-purpose amp.  Makes a point that it drives grados well in the FAQ       FA
  14. darknessproz

    FM Tuner?

    Is it just me, or is it incredibly hard to find a cheap FM Tuner (not A/V receiver) these days? Anyone has any to suggest? Something cheap that will allow me to pick up local radio stations, budget <SGD50.
  15. rbf1138

    How to connect Audioengine 5 w/ uDAC

    Just ordered myself a uDAC, and it'll be paired with headphones and my Audioengine 5s. My questions are: If I'm just connecting the A5s to my MBP via the uDAC, is it better/does it matter whether I output from the uDAC via the headphone jack, or should I be using the uDAC RCA out to a 3.5mm into...
  16. godbreath

    $100 subwoofer for a small room and audioengine a2

    i just got my audioengine a2, and they sound great, but they're a bit lacking in the bass department. I just want a subwoofer to add that extra thump that im looking for. I mainly use the a2's for movies when friends come over. Otherwise, I have my hd650's for music. My room is relatively small...
  17. kidman007

    College Speaker Setup

    Hi im going into my second year of college and am looking for a speaker set up (or atleast to start a speaker set up). I went last year without brining my logetech z-2200 and i am mad about that (and now they are broken!).    I was thinking about getting bose compainion 5. but i looked more...
  18. DarkScythe

    What to get to drive HD-600?

    Hello everyone,   It seems long posts don't garner much interest, so I'll keep it short and simple this time. Besides a soundcard from Asus or Auzentech, what are my options for an external dac/amp or dac+amp for driving HD600's, along with SRH840's and my Audioengines? That in itself...
  19. vinnievidi

    Advice on AudioEngine A5 Computer Setup

      My trusty vintage Pioneer stereo is finally on the outs, which puts me in the market for a new setup.  I was going to have it repaired, but the cost of the repair is the same as a new stereo receiver.  Also, I am looking to upgrade my speakers.  My total budget is about $1000, so I thought...
  20. sw98

    Ultra Desktop Amp + Audioengine A5

    Hi,   I am just wondering if anyone is using a similar setup to this below or has any recommendations for the following setup:     PC > WAV > Ultra Desktop Amp (via Kimper Kable USB) > HD650's (Cardas) & Audioengine A5's I am looking to keep my costs under $2K including the amp...
  21. henny

    Audioengine A5

    Last few weeks I've been thinking of buying an A5 for my desktop. My room is kinda small and I have a small desk but I have a ipod nano 8gb so I can use it in other rooms too. It's very expensive in my country so I'm trying to decide. To they sound that good as the review or they are just...
  22. Liquidus

    Can't hear difference between Klipsch Promedia and Audioengine A5

    I got my Audioengine A5 yesterday and I'm having a hard time telling the difference using FLAC files on that and my old Klipsch Promedia. I'm not really an audiophile and have a pretty simple setup of PC -> Xonar DX -> Speakers. Can anyone recommend a part of or instrument in a song that would...
  23. Daal

    Need help hooking up my Video Editing / Home Theater computer rig, pictures inside.

    Hello Everyone,   Speakers:   AudioEngine A5   Receiver:  Yamaha RX-V467BL 5.1 Channel 525 Watt AV Receiver...