1. Ionme

    Selecting computer speakers

    I've been stalking the forums for quite some time now, but I think now is time for me to post something. Warning: I am a guy who persuits the perfect sound but also total noobie to the audiophile community, and a very limited spender.    I want to turn my PC to a budget friendly sound...
  2. Straz

    Audioengine A2+ with BK Gemini Subwoofer

    Hi guys, I'm quite a novice at this so please forgive me.   Currently I have a USB connection going to my A2+ Speakers and using the built in DAC. I then have a low level input from the Speakers to the Sub which I have set to about 75hz cutoff. This seems like a sub-optimal way of doing...
  3. Kalixin

    I've narrowed down a list of monitors. Can anybody give me some input?

    So. This is what I am looking for:   A PAIR of monitor speakers for under 225. I want to stay away from the 250 range, and under 200 would be ideal, but I do not want to skimp out on my music.   I use FL studio and make music here and there. I love rock more than any genre. Rise against...
  4. nano

    Ruark MR1, are they for me?

    I have been a happy owner of a pair of Audioengine A2's for almost 4 years, but they recently died and I need a new pair of speakers.   I'm not really sure what I want, and a set of passive speakers with an amp are not out of the question at all, but a small package similar to the A2's do...
  5. Scott_Tarlow

    USB and 3.5mm input RCA output soundcard for less than 100?

    I'm looking for a solution a a problem. I want a USB soundcard that i can connect my audioengine A2s to, but I also want to occasionally input my iphone to them as well.There is a 3.5mm input on the speakers but I like to leave the speakers powered on all the time so leaving a 3.5mm cord hanging...
  6. Timmac

    Audioengine A2 vs A2+

    So my A2's just gave up and I'm looking to replace them as quickly as possible. Only thing is they now offer the A2+... I'm only playing stuff from Spotify on my iMac, will I notice any difference from the USB connection vs using the headphone jack or is not worth the extra cash?    ...
  7. blkmagic

    Just bought Audioengine A2+ and have a question

    Hi Guys,   I just bought the Audioengine A2+. It's my first pair of USB connected speakers so please excuse me if this is a stupid question. The volume control on my Win 8 PC doesn't seem to be able to control the volume of the A2+ much. The volume does go up and down, but only a very narrow...
  8. speakers

    How to connect sub to Audio engine a2? Help audio Gurus

    Great speakers, need a sub though, i have no idea how to hook one up. Also if i change volume on the speakers will it lower volume on the sub.   Also i'm in the uk where could i find a cheap small sub?   Thanks
  9. subatomic09

    Strange noises from new Audioengine A2's

    I picked up a pair of A2's a couple weeks ago, and while I like the overall sound, I'm concerned by strange noises I'm hearing from the speakers. I'm hoping someone who knows speakers can help me out. In the left speaker, I hear a sound like dry paper rustling on low frequencies. It doesn't...
  10. I

    Best Bookshelf Stereo System for ~$200?

    Hey! New to Head-Fi, and was looking at picking up some speakers for the holidays. Could I get any suggestions? I'd also like to know if these are any good:   Probably willing to spend 230 USD max. Thanks for your help!
  11. speakers

    Looking for Dac with build in amp for Monitor speakers. HELP GURUS

    I'm after something for the computer which will have a Dac which will play 24 bit files and with a amp to power some monitor speakers. Is this possible and where can i get one i am in the uk and the lower the price the better.   Thanks
  12. i am ralph

    newbie needs help amp selection

    Hello all, I am new to the forums, seems like there is a wealth of knowledge here so I thought I'd pick your minds before I keep spending and spending. So here's where I'm at. Audioengine a2 , audio engine d1, 250ohm dt880 all connected to my Mac, all of ny listening is done at the desk. I've...
  13. medex

    Recommendations for computer speakers and possibly a dac. Any recommendations?

    Currently use my audio technica ATH-A900x headphones with the onboard sound card (Realtek ALC892). I use the onboard since my Xonar DX broke.   I'd like to get a pair of speakers mainly for music, tv, movies and possibly some light gaming.  I really like my 900X headphones and will likely use...
  14. BTX1

    Audioengine A2 vs Creative T40 vs Bose Companion 20 vs M-Audio BX5a D2

    Hi guys, I need some help choosing between these speaker sets;   Audioengine A2 (189 CDN) vs Creative T40 (169 CDN) vs Bose Companion 20 (249 CDN) vs M-Audio BX5a D2 (299 CDN)   I just want to buy a set of speakers for listening to music, and I want to keep my budget around $250 CDN, and...
  15. imeem

    Questions about these subwoofer for my Audioengine A2

    I planning to buy a sub for my A2 and the S8 seems like a logical choice since it's from the same company, but it's sumwhat too expensive.    I'm currrently looking into these 2 sub:   1) the S8. I heard that if i connect it to my A2, the crossover will not work with RCA      ...
  16. gus6464

    Audioengine A2 + Polk PSW10 + Fiio E10 = damn...

    Got on the massdrop deal for the A2 and Amazon was selling the polk for $79 last week and Adorama deal on the E10. It's almost criminal how good this combo sounds for $244.
  17. WhiteCrow

    Fostex PMO monitors?

    I have been looking into getting some speakers and reading through decided that Studio monitors would most likely be a better fit as I have become accustom to the sound of detail and such. I found the fostex PMO powered monitors and have been reading good reviews but nothing on head-fi about...
  18. AnimalMother

    Smallest and Best 2.0 Speaker 200 or less

    I was wondering what the smallest and clearest sounding speakers with good bass may be? I am replacing my Creative T10 which are not all that cleat and distort.   Any suggestions and I'd be greatful.
  19. Flozzo

    Computer speaker suggestions < 75 USD

    Hi all, After years of great service, I think it is finally time to get rid of these speakers that are older than me. I am looking for a pair of computer speakers for preferably less than 100NZD, which equates to about 75 USD. My budget isn't too strict, but I preferably don't want to spend...
  20. starbux48

    Any decent speakers close to $100?

    I am not hoping for the moon but I will be listening to most of my lossless music on my MacBook Pro via some Sennheiser HD 558 headphones, but would like something when I'd just rather not use the Sennheisers.   All the speakers I look up on Amazon have one flaw or another.  One problem is...
  21. snoshreddax21

    Best audio gear for college?

    Hey guys. First and foremost I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong section, I have a bunch of questions but I thought the headphones forum would be a good place to start.   In the coming months I'll be preparing for college and I'm really looking to get some nice audio gear to make the...
  22. Jayyime

    KRK Rokit 5 vs Audioengine A2

    Hey people, (Not sure if I'm posting in the right place.) At the moment I'm running Logitech Z313 with a sub, but now I have a little money I wanna get some thing a little better but not sure what is better so was hoping you's could help out. I have been looking at getting KRK Rokit 5...
  23. marcosavc

    AudioQuest Dragonfly vs. Arcam rPac vs. Audioengine D1 vs. HRT Music Streamer II

    Ok folks, I'm a college student with a budget, and after hours of online research, these are the best DACs I found. Now, I really need your help eliminating, and comparing and contrasting these, since I can't compare all four of them anywhere close to where I live. Also, I don't care about...
  24. Profoundsoup

    Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 vs Audioengine A2

    Ive been looking around for new computer speakers for listening to much and gaming and ive narrowed it down to these two. If you can help me decide comment below and let me know your thoughts! Thanks :) 
  25. dukeReinhardt

    £200/$320 (closer to $250 in terms of value) budget pc audio recommendations?

    so i want good sound for my pc, either 2.1 or 2.0 speakers that don't roll-off extremely at the bottom, with non-software volume control; space isn't a concern. uses are music, games, movies, with a preference for balanced sound that covers low lows and high highs... lol. currently my sound...