1. LevA

    Audio Technica announces new headphones ATH-EP700

    just saw the news at Akihabara site. they will be released at the end of August: Audio Technica's ATH-EP700 This morning Audio Technica Japan announced the end of August nationwide availability of their latest over-the-head headphone with a 40mm diameter driver unit, an impedance...
  2. jameswhw

    Does anybody have a collection of all ath's wooden headphones?

    Can you have a comparion between w11j to w11r or w10? Thank you!
  3. GoRedwings19

    Your top 3 best ever looking headphones.

    I was talking to another headfier and we talking about the Audio Technica's and the subject of the AT-W2002 came up. We both instantly agreed this is the most gorgeous cans we have ever seen. While I have not heard one and therefore cannot comment on the sound. My top 3: 1. Audio Technica...
  4. davidhunternyc


    After considerable thought and thanks to the input of everyone at Head-Fi, I have made a list of the "most beautiful looking headphones ever made." You may vote for more than one. I have not included "mods" or custom made headphones. I also know there are several headphones that are not on this...
  5. duccklings

    "de-itching" The headphones (ATH-WHJPN) I took to the barber

    So I just got the very expensive and legendary Audio Technica ATH-W11jpn Headphones headphones... But,my headphones pads are really giving me a large itchy sensation… I brought them to my hair dresser… so they give me that...
  6. Artmon

    audio-technica ATH-A2000X

    Since 14 days I am the proud owner of an Audio Technica ATH-A2000X After ± 100 hrs. of burn-in I can tell you: 1. It sounded like an ATH-W5000 without colouring (however: I was used to it) 2. It sounded like a Stax Lambda Signature with an acceptable soundstage. 3. It sounded like an open...
  7. wind016

    An 11 Years Late Review: Audio Technica W11R review vs Beyerdynamic T1 vs W11JPN/W2002/W1000 The Best of Audio Technica's Woodies

    Hi Head-fiers,   I've never really gone through the effort to write a review while A/Bing headphones for the purpose of writing a review. For this review, I actually spent several hours on several songs trying to pinpoint some minute differences that I hope would be helpful for any readers...
  8. Audio Technica W11JPN

    Audio Technica W11JPN

    Vintage Woodies.