1. KT66

    Audio Technica High End Portable On Ears - what is going on?

    Hi, living the UK AT seem to think we either don't like headphones  or are super rich! ES10s are £500 ($750) ESW9 and ESW11 are not available in the UK.   The 9s and 10s seem quite old now is this fast paced market, and I know the ES55 and ES7 have been replaced by newer models.   So are...
  2. IgnantChief

    Nixon Whips???g

    Thinking about getting the Nixon Whips, wicked sick looking headphones.  My main question is are they better than the Ipod stock headphones??  Those are really the only headphones ive ever used.  Also, are there any headphones similiar to the Whips (around $50) that are better??
  3. dyce

    Koss PortaPro w/ ATH-ON3 pads mod (pics)

    paired with Clip+, rockbox with 6-8db bass gain, and fiio e3, these things are bass thumping monsters. most songs sound great, some may clip but thats probably just the e3. what I have noticed though at "rock out" volumes the bass will distort the driver if you are not wearing them. but with...
  4. dyce

    Audio-Technica ATH-ON3 @ Focalprice, genuine?

    What do you guys think? are they real? mine just shipped out yesterday. I'm hoping they live up to their words of "original". Phony that they don't mention Audio-Technica in the description though. I pulled the gun on this one because in another thread here, someone mentioned that they sell for...
  5. dyce

    Possible good headband for KSC75

    From a cheap knockoff PortaPro then take these earpads off these knockoff ATH ON3
  6. Maciek1988

    Are only hi-end headphones faked?

    The title is pretty much the essence in this case. Can you buy fake Porta Pros? K412Ps? K420s? HD201s? And are there any guides on the internet teaching how to tell if headphones are fake? Some general rules?
  7. jdreamerr

    AKG K430 vs. Audio Technica ATH ON3?

    I need portable headphones with good quality and I've narrowed it down to the AKG K430 and Audio Technica ATH ON3.  Which do you recommend?
  8. Esidarap

    New audio-technica ATH-ON3

    ATH-ON3 Ooh, check these out. I was just surfing through ATs site and saw these. That headband could either DIG into your skull or completely disappear. Very cool new low-end cans. I wonder how they sound.
  9. Spardasieg

    Bought some Audio Technica ON3 today online....Is this seller legit?

    So I said hey, I like how these look and they come to 15 bucks with shipping, why not, so I placed an order, then I found out it was a shop that also does ebay and I have heard that these are faked all the time on ebay. Anyone know? I bought them...
  10. Audio-Technica® ATH-ON3ABK Portable on-the-ear headphones Black

    Audio-Technica® ATH-ON3ABK Portable on-the-ear headphones Black

    lightweight, on-the-ear design * adjustable headband and cushioned earpads * 30mm full-range drivers * frequency response 12-23,000 Hz *