1. Dexter22

    msr7, m70x, Bose 25 for on the go?

    I was looking for a headphone for my wife and she doesn't carry any heavy devices around. No stacking, no ho end dap, just an iPod nano 7th gen. Currently she has a momentum on ear 1st gen which she doesn't use due to the sound leakage. So this is my priority: comfort, isolation( no leakage too...
  2. twister6

    Twister6 Audio REVIEW index - the past, the present, and the future

    It has been quite a journey for me since I started to post and to share my Audio reviews in Head-fi community. Some of you might know me from XDA-Developers (under Vectron Reviews) or AndroidForums (under Twister6 Reviews) communities where I have reviewed lots of audio products, smartphone...
  3. oopeteroo

    Need help to find my path - hd650/600 vs K7xx vs Fidelio x2 vs Ath-Msr7 ?

    HI   first of all,  I cant try any headphones/amps out before purchasing, so all i can do is trust you guys. I will mainly use the headphone with amp on my laptop for listening to music. I listens to anything but mostly kpop, cpop, jpop, ballad, female vocal music and paino music   i have...


    Portable Over-Ear headphones. Launch date: November 2014.