1. Matrixerx

    New Headphones for under $50 (For hardcore/electronic music)

    So recently, my Sennheiser HD 202 IIs blew out. I'm looking for some new headphones for about $50 or under. I list to a low of rick, metal, hardcore/post hardcore and even some electronic music including dubstep. I'd like a headphone with a really full sound that is cost effective.   Former...
  2. GustavMahler

    How to mod my M40s for wider soundstage?

    Maybe foam earpads? Theyr'e great with my DX90, But the narrow soundstage in big symphonic works is killing me..  Any idea will be appreciated!
  3. Koenigseggfire

    I need some good over-ear headphones.

    I am mostly an earbud guy, but listening to music on my TB X12's when I play games is really starting to make me want a new pair of over-ear's. I'm looking for some that are under $100 and have a nice bass response and good mids.  I'm currently eyeing the Noontec Zoro's, the Audio-Technica...
  4. haggis219

    Are the parrot ziks any good?

    Or are they just another pair of crappy overpriced cans with cool looking features?
  5. dumbttt

    Upgrading from Sennheiser EH350, any good suggestions?

    Need to replace my Sennheiser EH350 since the cables are broken.  I am generally happy with the sound quality of EH350, just wish it could have been a little more comfortable on the ears.  I don't do any audio-related work, headphone is strictly for listening to musics, watching TV shows, etc on...
  6. echoleaf

    Any options in this category with flat response under $100?

    I'm getting back into producing and miss my old cans (Audio Technica M40fs).  I liked them a lot - comfy, pretty flat & with a little bass.  I could get them again but I'd like something more portable (which is code for easily hidden from from young children).  I'm just not sure if there is...
  7. guyverlord3

    New to headphones

    Ok. I am about to buy my some over the ear headphones and I was informed it maybe better sound with a headphone amp. I am listen from my tablet so that is what someone stated. I will not be moving the amp since I will use it at work 90% of the time. Maybe bring it home or in the car if on a long...
  8. cicatrize

    Looking for some (very) low budget closed cans for work.

    Hello, head-fi! I've been a lurker here for years and never signed up, but have received some good advice from others' questions in the past. :)   I'm looking for some closed cans for listening at work. I'd like something around $25, but might be willing to go as high as $50 if it's really...
  9. Kashew

    Best headphones to buy at the moment, One more thread about this i know :P

    Help Im a student on a tightish budget and im looking for a new pair of Headphones. Over the past 4 days ive literally seen every model there is on amazon ebay etc etc pored over a million makes and im totally shocked at the number of choice :O Anyways, im looking for closed back and circum...
  10. H T T

    Audio Technica ATH-M40x: The Little Brother that Could

    Audio-Technica ATH-M40x   The M40x’s big brother, the M50/x, has been reviewed in many a place on the internet. Information, reviews, etc. are scarce about the M40/x. I hope this post will help remedy this dearth of information.   I opted for the M40x over the M50x because I wanted a quality...
  11. gustavonandes

    What is the best for vocal training? MDR-V6, Sony MDR-7506, ATH-M35, ATH-M40fs, AKG K121 e Shure SHR440

    I am a singer, and want a headset to train my voice, record and listen too. What is the best use of these to test voice, vocal training, listening, vocal recording Sony MDR-V6, Sony MDR-7506, ATH-M35, ATH-M40fs, AKG K121 and Shure SHR440 .... and which is better in general. Which has the best...
  12. echoleaf

    Frequency response of Audio-Technica ATH-m40fs?

    I've been googling and googling and can't find it anywhere, though I know I did when I bought them years back.  Anyone happen to know or have a pdf or something?
  13. phillkillv2

    Audio Technica M Series remaster.

    Well there are new Audio Technica products online. Here is basically a copy and paste.   ATH-M50x  ATH-M40x  ATH-M30x  ATH-M20x   Might cop some.
  14. wildebassman

    Happy with my AT ath-m40fs...

    Yesterday I subscribed to this forum and today I received my new cans! After years without headphone use I put on my sennheiser HD450II set. I started using my cans more and more and decided I wanted a pair of closed cans. After reading some reviews I ordered the ath-m40. Believe it or not I...
  15. TheBoss

    I only have few hours to decide... Audio Technica ATH M40

    The ATH M40 is attractively discounted on amazon right now and i almost impulse-bought it a few hours ago. price aside... is this headphone any good compared to its big brother (M50) and other highly regarded monitors out there like the Senn HD 280, Sony 7506 and Shure 440?
  16. Notflywhiteguy

    Upgrade from sennheiser HD280s to something else for Metal

    HI I'm looking for a new set of headphones in the $80-$130 range to replace my Sennheiser HD-280s I'm looking for something a little more durable seeing as I would have to travel with them as well, I like a little more treble but nothing too crazy and if thats not possible would like to go for a...
  17. Denther

    XB 500's have Snapped and Looking for a Replacement

    Recently my XB 500's have snapped. I loved those headphones to death and very much enjoyed the bass in them. Essentially I need a good pair to replace them with. I've considered just getting another pair of XB500's but I'm not sure if that's worth it anymore since they've got up in price.   ...
  18. WhDemon

    Looking for headphone Upgrade from ATH-m40FS 200$ budget

    I like my headphones but there's not enough bass to my taste. Perhaps because they are Flat Sound.   I want rich bass Comfort Closed-back would be nice. Open are also an Option. Only thing I need to block are fans from my Pc ;)   Listening from Eric clapton to DubStep. So any kind of...
  19. Mudified

    Portable, full-ear, lower-tier headphone : recommandations ?

    Hi,   I'm looking for a replacement set of headphones for my 6 years old 50$ Sony's.   I have started reading through the models compare shootout from the forums. Not done yet, but getting a lot of infos from there.   Still curious to get some direct opinions.   But here's the catch : I...
  20. Baltowolf

    Need Some Recommendations For Circumaural Headphones For Recording

    So here's the deal, I'm 16 and I'm into recording etc. I'm a multi-instrumentalist musician but I mainly play guitar. I'm badly in need of good studio headphones with a [more or less] flat frequency response. I want to get the AKG K240s but my mom says she doesn't think I need 60 dollar...
  21. jakersy

    British Metalhead looking for an alternative to Beats.

    I'm looking for a pair o' cans that follow the same rules as beats, I want them sturdy, portable, attractive and while I don't want them to sound like garbage, I don't demand audiophile quality. Budget is around 50 USD. or 40 GPB. Thanks!
  22. xzifi

    Neutral headphones under 50$

    I'm looking for a neutral headphone under 50$. I know there aren't alot of options at that price, but that's what I got. I mostly listen to electronic music, and while I know a bass oriented headphone might fit my preferences more, I don't like headphones that emphatize bass as the mids sound...
  23. theBjrd

    Best over/on-ear headphones for iPhone?

    I know that Audio-Technica, AKG, Ultrasone and Shure headphones are the best and most recommended for <$100, but I know that iPhones have trouble driving them.  I'm looking for some fairly balanced, over-ear headphones that my iPhone won't have much trouble driving for around under $100.  Any...
  24. B

    Not sure if this is even possible

    So I’m hoping to do something, but I don’t know if it’s realistic. I recently bought a little short scale bass to facilitate practicing by giving me a more portable option for when I'm out and about. Then I got thinking… Every work day I spend about two hours on the bus commuting, and I...
  25. Klonos

    Best USB DAC/Amp for around $140?

    I'm trying to get the best sound quality from my crap netbook and my ATH-M40fs headphones. I'm not looking to upgrade my netbook (because I can't) or my headphones, but can anyone provide the best USB DAC/Amp in my price range? I've heard a lot about the fiio 17 and ODAC, but I would like some...