1. DDKL

    Most durable headphones sub-$50?

    my sister's birthday is coming up and i thought i'd buy her a set of headphones. now, the reason why i chose to pay under 50 bucks is that she is only in high school, is a brat, and especially clumsy, proudly holding a record of over 6 headphones broken under a year or two. most were earbuds...
  2. chailee80

    Audio Technica ATH-PG1/PDG1 Premium Gaming Headset

    There didnt seem to be any info on the new ATH-PG1 / PDG1 headsets from Audio Technica so i thought i'd post some pictures and give my thoughts on them for anyone interested. Saw the closed back PG1 model in a local gaming store today so i figured i'll check it out as i need a new gaming...
  3. Maciek1988

    Audio-Technica ATH-M20x

    Have you heard them? What do you think about those?
  4. ShinReine

    Recommend me headphones (yes I've read the stickies, but...)

    Hi peeps. Been reading through the forums, and I need help on what to get. My Monster Turbine Coppers are broken, standard cable-wiggle-for-sound issue. I don't mind paying for good headphones, but I don't want to pay for too much either. Problem is, I live in the Philippines, so I don't have...
  5. pclov3r

    Good portable headphones for $25? ATH-M20?

    I'm looking for some good portable headphones for $25   I need a pair for school use with a education program as my school is not providing them and for use with my phone for portable music.   I was suggested a M50 awhile ago for a new pair of good headphone and still love them so I...
  6. denclock

    Recommendations for Closed back over the ear cans for <100

    I am new to head-fi, but I have been lurking for a bit. I like good sound like everyone, my recent foray was prompted by the crap sound quality of my Idevices.  I just got the Fiio E6 in the mail, and I think I am going to like it.  I have these headphones Klipsch S4i, Iem Beats that someone...
  7. SkinnyOldGuy

    Replacing the cable on Audio Technica ATH-M20

    Hello.   I use Audio Technica ATH-20 for tracking -- it's cheap and it's closed.  But unfortunately it has a curly cord, which I just don't like.   I can easily get any kind of cable I want but if anyone would be so kind as to help me with some advice on how to get inside these things...
  8. duckfeet23

    CUSTOM Detachable Cable Mod ATH-M20x

    Hi, so this is my first post on Head Fi, not much but got these pair of ATH M20x decided to make them detachable.... so yeah I think they came out pretty nice.   So a quick shot       After the hard work repaid a clean mod (was expecting to completely jack them up)       Some...
  9. JohnJacob

    Audio Technica ATH-M20

    I managed to pick up a pair from for $30 and for the price these babies are amazing. The cord and headphone jack are that of the high-end quality you get from DJ monitor headphones - they have the jack it in a metal shield which minimizes the shorts that happens to so many...
  10. Koakoae

    ATH-M20: Issue of looseness

    I recently bought a pair of M20s for general use, and my main issue wit them is that they're not as tight and conforming as my previous pairs were.   Is there any way to shape the phone to fight more tightly around my head for long periods at a time?
  11. tr3vis324

    EXTREME budget phones--suggestions?

    Hey guys,   I'm looking to buy extreme budget headphones as the title says. The main purpose for these headphones is for use in front of a computer along with an input keyboard. Since these will be bought en masse for a school library (like 10-20 max), the ideal price range for them would be...
  12. Gallardo147

    Good Circumaural Headphones for under $30

    I need some circumaural headphones but my budget is tight, and cant spend more than $30 dollars. I've seen the Skullcandy Hesh for $20: these may not be the best sounding but look good, are pretty portable, and have a built in mic and the chord is nice, even comes with a nice pouch. I've...
  13. freakeed

    over ear(full size) cans for cheap...plz help :( :(

    hello all totally new first...i did alot of research before signing up because i couldnt really find wat i was looking for... im buying one pretty expensive can>> sony mdr not at all near to any audiophiles.. im just upgrading from stocks...i will buy it...
  14. rebel7

    HDJ-2000 vs. DJ-1

    Hi,   I am currently looking for a new pair of headphones as portables to my Ipod Classic. I am split between the Pioneer HDJ-2000s and the Ultrasone DJ-1s. I am not a dj, just a college student that listens to music all day and wants very quality sounding phones. Some people have told me...
  15. xavierrenegade

    ATH-M20 Good Headphones?

    I had purchased a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M20 headphones. I like the way they look and decided to purchase a pair. I was looking for a good cheap pair of headphones. I didn't really care if they are full size or not. I also didn't want so spend much more than $30. If they were to break or get...
  16. Audio-Technica ATH-M20 Headphones

    Audio-Technica ATH-M20 Headphones