1. onlyjoekin

    Headphone and portable amp question...

    Hello, this is my first post so I will straight up apolagise if I haven't done something right. I currently have some <£30/<$35 on ear headphones which I'd like to uprade, except when I plug them straight into my iPod the sound is good but not great (reason for uprade), yet when I dock my iPod...
  2. maybeyes

    need cans advice for dr dac 2

    Hello,   I'm going on a couple months buisness trip to Thailand, I ordered a audiotrak dr dac 2 to take with me and have quality sound avaiable at my hotel room.   I m now thinking about a pair of cans, looking at akg k701/702 but I m unsure if the dr dac will be able to power them.  ...
  3. iphone3g

    esw9..whats the catch?

    Brand New Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9 Headphone New In Box - eBay (item 270532156409 end time Feb-22-10 14:16:03 PST) legit?
  4. Leander7777

    Best Headphones for $200-250!

    Alright, so I have IEMs, the UE TripleFi 10 pro recabled with Lune cable, large headphones, the Ultrasone pro 900s, and now I'm looking for a pair of headphones that is more portable than the Ultrasones, yet sounds very good. The Ultrasone pro 900s can be used out and about, but they are too...
  5. mielton

    Is Beach Camera reliable?

    As the title says, I've been looking at the site for few days for a pair od ESW9A. Are they reliable? They arent even up at the list of authorized dealers of AT. Thank You.
  6. bhaskarjyotik

    Help upgrading from Audio Technica ATH-M50s

      Hi Dear fellow Head-Fiers,   Merry Christmas and happy holidays,   I have been using a pair of ATH-M50s for last two years and I would like to upgrade to another closed back set of cans. I really like the sound of my m50s but I would like to purchase a pair of HP with little...
  7. greg788

    Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9A questions

    Do these come with a mini to 1/4" headphone plug adaptor? I just ordered a pair of the headphones and I don't have an adaptor. One other question while the headphones are en route: I bought them from Adorama Camera (Headroom was out of stock) Is Adorama a legit seller? They are listed as an...
  8. Mooncake

    Looking for closed headphones with Grado sound

    So after the left channel of my Audéo PFE's died out after a good two year run, I'm in the market for some new portables. I've decided to go for headphones over IEMs this time around for a change of pace.   My at-home headphones are the rs1i's and as much as I would like to use them for...
  9. kirstenaline

    Need Help - Beginner Portable Headphone for Boyfriend - Does not like IEM for comfort reasons

    Hi Everyone,   I can't tell you how helpful this forum is. Overwhelming a bit? Sure . But helpful, yes!   I am in the process of finding a good portable headphone for my boyfriend. He is a huge audio lover and is in the very beginning stages of creating a great home audio environment to...
  10. Szadzik

    High-end full-size headphone for the first time

    Hi Everyone,     I have been here for some time and enjoyed the headphones I had and sold and those I still have. I have recently started building a bit higher quality rig though and need your advice here.    Current setup: I will soon have a full portable rig with Senn MX980, AT...
  11. mralexosborn

    What is the next step in my setup(s)?

    I currently have an HD580 with HD650 driver running through a uDac. Might get a Schiit Asgard soon.   With that out of the way: I have no IEM's. My last pair (SuperFi 5vi) were a big disappointment but then again were only $50. I think I may want something portable again... I was...
  12. coldmack

    EM9 vs EM7 few q?

    I was a local shop today and tried the EM7 and really digged the sound quality out it paired to my Droid 2. However, there was a few things that keep me from getting one. One was the short cord, I store has demo models, so I wasn't allowed to see in the box to see of there is an extension cord...
  13. VulgarDisplay

    ATH-ESW9 For $71.99

    Say I found an add listing this price for the esw9.  It would have to be fakes right?  Wish I knew if I could tell or not.  
  14. TheBananaMan

    Need some help choosing headphones for someone.

    Hey, fellow head-fi'ers, thanks for clicking on this thread to help me! I'm buying some headphones for someone, since she has almost no idea what she wants. These are the requirements (I sorta interviewed her and she managed to tell me a bit about what the headphones need to be)   The...
  15. Buranko

    Velour Pads for ESW9

    I've been stumbling across this forum and google, but couldn't really find the solution for this. Considering DT770 / 880, but they're circum size.   I don't know about other series, but how about DT 440, 331, sennheiser HD560, or Ultrasone's velour? Are they matches with ESW9? Portable...
  16. HappyH2O

    Where to buy ATH ES7

         Since there are so many fake ES7 on the market, Where is the best place to buy ES7 and what's the price. I saw ljokerl listed es7 as 70 dollar. Which i can't find anywhere on the internet that seems creditable.... Any suggestions guys?    If you want check out the post where ljokerl said...
  17. JacobTerrado

    $200-250 Headphone Amp

    I'm looking for a headphone amp around that price range. I will use them to power an M50, and in the future, either a Denon AHD2000 or Audio Technica ESW9. I listen to all types of music. If it helps, i like the sound of the M50's before burn-in occurs. I like the fullness of the bass of the...
  18. Szadzik

    ESW10 - The Best Portable?

    Hi Everyeone,   I am i the process of buying a pair of ESW10s after I had my ESW9s and decided to upgrade.    I pretty much liked the ESW9s apart from the fact that they were a bit slowish for Rock and Metal and I wanted a bit more details.   Do you think that looking at the portable...
  19. MisterCoolGuy

    Question about BT DT 770 and ATH ESW9 and ATH M50

    Hi! I'm a newbie here, and I want a new set of headphones for laptop and iPod use. I've done some research and I've found that these 3 headphones are supposedly good without amps. Which one is the best for me for use in school in a noisy environment with classic rock and metal?
  20. Yggdrassilious

    ESW9 or HD25-1 II or other for portable use and keeping warm

    Hi guys,   Winter is here, so I started thinking about getting a pair of portable headphones that  will keep my ears warm.   Two contestants: one rugged, time tested and industry standard HD25-1 II; the other, the flaming red colors of the African Paudak wood presents the premium and...
  21. treekaminski

    Help for someone who travels lots

    Hi, I'm a big music fan but I'm not too keen on the differences in types of headphones that are best suited for different situations. I travel a fair amount (buses/planes) and wanted to buy a pair of on-ear/over-ear headphones to enjoy my music. I enjoy a wide range of genres from rock to rap to...
  22. AnAnalogSpirit

    Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9 and ATH-ESW9A Thread

    I was shocked to see these wonderful phones cropping up all over, yet no well-deserved official Appreciation Thread, so I decided to kick one off!   Please post your experiences with these gorgeous woodies, African Padauk Cups clad with Black Dyed Lambskin Leather Pads, in a...
  23. swbf2cheater

    Why am I never happy with 1 set of headphones, am I am ADDICT!?

    well, ive had so many sets in my time and really none of them made me truly happy, recently I recabled my grado 325i woodies and its been the closest thing to happiness i ever found, but i still find myself drooling over other sets and comparing those sets i do own or have owned to other sets...
  24. Golden Monkey

    AT ESW9A vs. Beyer T50p (impressions forthcoming!)

    Obviously, directly comparing these two and saying one is better than the other wouldn't be fair to either.  Since they are very different in terms of sound signature, I'm wondering if anyone with experience with both phones (like Skylab...but he's owned everything, lol) can chime in and give me...
  25. pearlfact

    AKG K242 HD vs, ATH-ESW9A a fair game?

    I looked all over the place for a mention of these two cans together side by side in a single thread but i found nothin. They're in the same price range, both have fantastic sound qualities, and except for the fact the K242 HD's are over-ear compared to ESW9A on-ear classification they seem...