1. vinocos

    Question about Q701 & ESW9

    Hi my friends, and thank you for helping.   Well, I just got my Q701 and my friend have a ESW9 yet. And we become lost when we look for the source and Amp.......... I‘m not the expert on these............ Before I got this headphone, I just own some AKG and Denon's portable headphones...
  2. 1audioz

    Audio-technica ESW9 Durability Issues?

    Hey guys,   I'm in the market for a closed, portable pair of headphones that are good for use while I'm on the train to and from work.    I've recently re-visited the ESW9 as a potential option (if you see my profile, I'm a pretty big AT fan) - but some reviews from AudioCubes from a few...
  3. peaceful1

    Is this headphone fake? (ATH-ESW9A)
  4. nabmeg

    International Shipping for Audio Technica ESW9s

    esw9s seem like one of the best portables, but i cant find any for a decent price including shipping. is $260 really the best price i can get these?? eBay - $260 - $285  amazon - $286 headroom - $300 accessoryjack - $305
  5. AndrewG

    Thinking of toning down my rig to just: ESW9 + ipod touch, will I be happy?

    I am thinking of going down to just an ESW9 and ipod touch (5 when it comes out). I can't ever seem to hold onto my high end gear since cash always gets due as you can imagine. Also in almost every set up I put together there is always something wrong or slightly missing). So figure I will wait...
  6. Aillas

    Thinking of getting Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 phones . . .

      There seems to be very little talk of the Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 phones here. But to you people here who've heard them: Would I regret getting them? Are there other portable cans in the same price range ($200-$300) that I'd be better off getting? How portable are the ATH-ESW9's? Would it be...
  7. crazyfrenchman27

    ATH-ESW9, I'm impressed

    I've owned nearly every piece of audio equipment imaginable and have begun to need a closed portable headphone as of late.  I read some complimentary reviews of the ESW9 and picked these up on the off-chance that they would change my mind regarding closed supra-aural portable headphones, a...
  8. Turnyface

    Re-cabling ATH-ESW9?

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  9. Turnyface

    Re-cabling ATH-ESW9

    Hi, I'm thinking about re-cabling my brand spankin' new ESW9's.  I'd like to get a more durable cable that is less tangle prone and at the same time, potentially increase the sound quality.    I'm looking for recommendations on cables and connectors.  I'd like to say under $100 total. ...
  10. EdChap

    Hard Case for Audio Technica ESW9A?

    Hi guys,   I have been rocking the AT ESW9As for a couple of months now and am absolutely in love with them. Thank you so much for all your help in deciding which phones to get.   I am about to go away for 5 weeks and will be travelling by air and bus. I would really like to find a...
  11. geoxile

    Choosing between the ATH ESW-9 and the Ultrasone PRO 750

    I know the ESW9 is on ear and much smaller, but since they're in the same price range I figured they'd both be viable options as portable headphones. Which would you guys recommend? Is the ESW9's bass really that powerful and boomy? I've heard some people compare it to Beats which sounds...
  12. markwilliamsweb (aka bosearheadphones music) - anyone dealt with? ATH-ESW9 real cheap!

    Hi,   I've been looking around for some ATH-ESW9 and came across the following: Now that looks way too cheap for my liking, but I can't find any info about them online. Has anybody had any...
  13. kjoh

    ATH-ESW9A vs V-Moda M80

    Exploring what's out there for closed portables  Anyone have experience comparing these two yet?
  14. mLink

    Ath esw9, Phiaton ms 400, V-moda m80

    I know tons of reviews and opinions are all over this forum about these headphones, but I couldn't find any that are directly comparing these 3 to each other.   I've gathered that they all sound pretty similar & they all look good (to me). Is there a clear winner that stands out from the...
  15. Tomoe

    ATH M50 vd Esw9 please !

    Cant decided which one should i got.      Any one can declare the sound of these two ?      Detail of intruments  Individuality of intruments soundstage    does M50's bass punch the vocal & high out of sight ?      thanks  
  16. menamesjames

    Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9 or Audio-Technica ATH-ES10 (Titanium)

    I've found the ESW9 for £185 at Accessory Jack and i'm wondering whether the ES10 Titanium is worth the £60 extra.
  17. brumma

    IEMs with sound signature similar to ATH-ESW9s?

    Hello all. I fairly recently purchased a pair of Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 headphones. While they do have qpsome shortcomings, I am able to compensate using the EQ settings on my J3. I love the crisp bass quality (no boominess), and there is absolutely no sibilance. They do seem to lack a little...
  18. Dodgercat

    ESW9A VS SN HD 25 ii

    I've narrowed my choices down to these two for a portable headphone. How would you compare the two. Powerful but clear bass is important.   Thanks,   Alex
  19. bookaboo

    vmoda m80 or audio technica esw9

    which way should i go for a good portable headphone. i have heard the m80 and like its smoothness but could live without its mid bass hump. i will be using them more for out and about stuff like walking, running etc. so the durability of the m80 really appeals and i am 80% there but just am...
  20. Jiggy79

    Comfort of Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 portable headphones

    I am looking for a pair of headphones to use with my iPod at work and when walking.   My criteria for the headphones are:   - Comfort (want to be able to use them at work most of the day without them becoming uncomfortable) - Closed (mainly because I don't want leakage to disturb my...
  21. ExpatinJapan

    Pico slim, P51-Mustang, Arrow, ALO The National or Hp_p1 for ATH-ESW9 / UE-TF10.

    Time to spend some cash on a yearly upgrade. (Wanting a mid to high end portable amplifier).   I have ATH-ESW9 and UE-TF10s w/Null Audio cable.   Source is ipod touch 4G w/ various apps (flacplayer, sonicmaxpro, equalizer, EQu). 95% music is lossless ALAC or FLAC.   Music...
  22. ScaryFatKidGT

    HD 25 Amperior vs. DT 1350 vs. ATH-ESW9A vs. AKG K550's vs. HDJ-2000

    I was going to include the M-80's but I'm pretty sure there not up to the competition, and the HD 25-1-II but didn't wanna get into a 1-II vs. Amperior thing.   I need high isolation and sound quality with sparkly highs and punchy bass. I'm looking for clear and detailed, musical...
  23. KingOfTheWild

    Question about the Audio Technica ATH-ESW9A's

    Hello fellow head-fiers, these headphones are full size over the ears right? Also, are these nice headphones? Would you reccomend them to somebody?
  24. Radio_head

    D5000, Esw9 synergy

  25. ExpatinJapan

    Have ATH-ESW9, thinking of ATH-ES10 and DT-1350

    I have ATH-ESW9 but am considering acquiring a second set of portable phones, the DT-1350 seems to be the top of the line, but I could never wear them so am considering the ATH-ES10.   I want something fuller and less mid based, also fairly flat would be good.   Anyone have experience...