1. LingLing1337

    ESW9A vs ESW9?

    Basically what the title says... what difference is there? The ESW9A are about $50 cheaper than the ESW9 for me. I have heard that the ESW9A is just a different kind of wood, is this true? Thanks.
  2. nero45

    Some Help for a pair of Cans

    Hey everyone!   Looking into getting some cans for my commute and for home use. My music collection is very eclectic and I'm in no way an audiophile, although I do appreciate good quality sound. I'm looking at the AKG K545 and the Marshall Monitors currently but am open to suggestions. I don't...
  3. the search never ends

    Monster Diamond Tears (Review added 10/6)

            A few pics of the cans, my camera skills suck. The cans are by far the most nuetral by monster I've heard.
  4. Sasaki

    Wooden portable ATH-ESW9 arrived! (with pics)

    I've just got mine, one day ahead of the announced released date! I had a reservation at Fujiya-Avic store and I picked it up today. Click pictures to enlarge. ATH-ESW9 is new Audio technica portable and the housing is made of wood(African Padauk). The African Padauk is a material of...
  5. Nec3

    $250 and ripping my hair out.

    I honestly can't decide on a portable set of headphones. I've come to hate IEM's because of the microphonics when I walk around unless I wrap it over my ear, or the earwax that gets built up because of my disturbingly efficient glands that produce earwax. I've also come to not care what people...
  6. aphexii

    Need help! IEM's with a sound signature close to ATH-ESW9

    Currently have a pair of ATH-ESW9 and while I absolutely love the sound, i need something a little less visible for work. Previously owned the Klipsch X10, Westone UM2's and liked the sound, but I imagine there are possibly better options out there.   Love lush mids and quality deep bass. I...
  7. fannyfoodle

    New Guy - First Post - DT1350 vs ESW9A vs Fidelio L1 vs Momentum

    Hey guys (and gals)!   I've been lurking through these threads for a couple of months now and have gleaned a significant amount of information for which I am grateful.   By way of background (vis a vis audio), I am an audiophile who has been unemployed (or woefully underemployed, anyway)...
  8. greg788


    Is there any difference between the Japanese home model and the "a" American model? I mean as far as voicing, etc. It seems they're now identical but I can't find confirmation searching the forum.
  9. Electro-Static

    Mid-fi dilemma; To amp or not to amp?

    Hello, everyone I just bought a pair of audio technica M50's and am quite happy with them except for one thing. In order to get full detail out of my music I need to crank to volume up to bring out the mids. While I know that many people prefer loud music, I like to music as quietly as...
  10. Makiah S

    Warm Transparent Closed Backs

    I tired the Mad Dogs, but they where TOO warm   I'm thinking of ATH w5000 or w1000x woodies as my next attempt for clean warm cans [I use a tube for extra warmth a a little more bass]   I love my byer dt 880 pro 250s and I want a closed version of them :O [and not the dt 770] Sound stage...
  11. mhdesigns1

    IEMs/Earbuds like ESW9 or better?

    Hello everyone,   I have some ESW9 headphones and I really like the sound signature of them. I just love them. However, mine were stolen a few weeks ago and I want to get something similar but more portable.   Does anyone know about a pair of IEMs/Earbuds that are comparable to the sound...
  12. BetaWolf

    Who here actually prefers colored headphones?

    Hello, I'm still relatively new to the community, as evidenced by my postcount. I've only recently gotten my first set of cans, a neutral and uncolored open-ear set with a very flat frequency response graph. It's a fairly highly regarded set on these forums, and I can see why: all sounds that...
  13. swbf2cheater

    ESW9 Mod and Rice Krispy Treats Video by request, enjoy

      The stock cotton is pure crap and flakes easily and often, gets inside things it shouldn't.  Better Cotton is needed.
  14. EndlessMike

    Portable Headphones for Rock/Electronica/Hip-Hop/Pop - MS400 vs TMA-1 vs ESW9

    I'm looking for some good portable headphones and I came down to:   Phiaton MS 400 - AIAIAI TMA-1 - Audio Technica ESW9/A   So which one do you think is better and would be a better fit for the type of music I listens to?
  15. funessn15

    a900 vs esw9 vs es-10

    So i am relativley new to audiophilia, but not a total newb. I do own an sr60i and some klipsch s2's. I also have an Fiio E7 amp. Nothing big but then again im fourteen years old. i do have a lot of high bit rate songs ranging from 160 to 320kbps, that is about 90 percent of my music, the rest...
  16. deniall83

    Anyone reviewed the recabled ATH-ESW9 from Moon Audio?

    Interested in getting some of these but I really want to read some impressions first. A quick search didn't reveal much. Maybe i'm doing it wrong...   Headphones are here  
  17. dedude

    Are these ATH-ESW9 real?   The site looks legit and that is one hot deal.   
  18. silencer eleven

    Audio Technica ESW9 compared to AH700

    Hello everybody, I'm new to the forum.  I'm completely new to hi-fi equipment.  I have been doing searches and reading on a good pair of headphones to get for under $300.  All my music listening will be done just thru my zune and possibly computer, too, but mostly the zune.    From searching...
  19. bryangww

    Shd i sell my ATH-ESW9 for these?

    Hey all,   Im currently considering getting IEM's and selling my ESW9 just cause they dont isolate well. I really love the sound of these cans though. I was thinking of getting the westone UM3X in replacement. Will my ears be happy with the change? Sound quality should be improved...
  20. bryangww

    What would be good upgrades for ESW9s?

    Hi all, Ive recently sold my ESW9 because they didnt isolate well and were abit uncomfortable due to their size. The sound however was amazing and I really like everything about the sound signature.   Now looking for full sized cans that can deliver same or better sound. Was looking at ATH...
  21. Butler

    Trading ESW9's for Grados, Suggestions?

    I'm considering trading my super mint condition ESW9's and their 50$ hard shell case for a pair of Grados. I'm looking to explore other brands besides my safe haven of audio technica. What would be a reasonable trade for these phones? They're roughly valued at 250 dollars.    Would it be...
  22. mattering

    T50P or ESW9?

    Hey guys! I have a question about both the T50P and ESW9. The current rig so far is a tf10 to my iPod Touch and a DT770 to a Ordnance .22 to my iPod Touch. I like to listen to just about anything from classical to J-Pop and to happy hardcore/hardstyle. Now I have to pick between the T50P and...
  23. OneSec

    ATH-ESW9 vs HD-238 vs AKG-702

    This discussion was originally meant for suggestions to my wife's new can selection. Turned out that I bought something entirely different - and way overbudget. This is head-fi world :)   I listened primarily to classical, orchestra works, followed by violin and piano works. I also listened...
  24. AceBaran

    Audio Technica ESW9 + Marantz SR7005

    Hi all, Ive purchased a ATH ESW9 and hopefully it will be delivered within days. Ive done alot of reading here on the forum about the ATH ESW9 and they seem not need to be amped, but if amped they do sound even better. I have a Marantz SR7005 and want to get the best out of my new headphone...
  25. owenhan

    Genuine ESW9? ( *sorry please move :/

    Hey guys I'm looking to get some opinions on whether these seem legit:,%20Earphones&utm_term=ATH-ESW9&utm_source=google&utm_medium=GPS   I know it's a pretty average price for those of you in...