1. Soundhead

    Good headphones for students.

              I am new to the head-fi scene and am looking into buying a new set of headphones after my most recent pair of skullcandys broke down. I originally was looking for a new pair of SC's but after looking around I decided to up my investment and get a true set of audiophile headphones. The...
  2. chi2

    Fake ATH-ESW-9? (56K warning!)

    Hello fellow head-fiers! I remember some discussions here about possible fake ESW-9s. While there certainly are many ES-7 knock-offs, there was some doubt that it economically makes sense to build fake ESW-9s due to the wooden bowls. I thought that, too, until I purchased on a small Swiss...
  3. Szadzik

    Not Enjoying My ESW9s Anymore! What to Do?

    Head-Fiers,   I have had my ESW9s for 5 months now and had really liked them; before I got my Sennheiser MX980 earbuds. The earbuds provide clear and analytical/ natural/ not coloured sound with much less warmth than the ATs.    I really love the ATs for their portability, good enough...
  4. avocado

    ESW9 just broke.....what can I do to fix it?!?!

    So tragedy of tragedies, I was listening to some music when my roommate wanted to talk to me and, when I went to remove my headphones the right cup snapped off from the headband!! It's a mostly clean break, almost directly underneath where it says 'right', and everything still works (except for...
  5. Fishfood

    New AT EWS9 vs Sennheiser PX100 not happy with the AT

    This is sure not what I expected. I got my AT EWS9s today and have been listening for a while. My old headphones are PX100s with HD414 earpads. I'm afraid I don't like the ATs at all. More bass sure but air wise and tonally I don't think they are close to the PX100s. What's my problem? Bad ears...
  6. melmel

    A chance to splurge on headphones - advice?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here to Head Fi and the audiophile world in general. :) Lately I've been sick of the bad quality of my Apple earbuds so for a late Christmas present I'm deciding to spoil myself with some good cans.    My budget is $200-300, the most I will go for is $400 but no...
  7. smm11

    F/S: Grado 325i, ATH-ESW9 & HF2 - PRICE CUT

    Hello,   I am moving so I need to get rid of some things that are not getting used as much as they should be:   Grado 325i - These are in great condition, they still shine sonically and aesthetically. I bought them about a year ago, I used them a little when I first got them then rarely...
  8. sling5s

    FS: ATH-ESW9

    ATH-ESW9.  In great condition.  No scratches or blemishes.    if interested will send pics.    please PM. 
  9. Stevesebastianb

    Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 Fakes Hit The Streets.

    Yesterday I saw for the first time some Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 fakes hit the streets. These are in fact very easy to detect, they are not wood at all! The ear cups are wood grain imprinted plastic and the ear pads are poor and do not look at all like the real ear pads. The wood grain on the...
  10. baronkatz

    WTB/WTT for Ultrasone Edition or Signature, Denon AH-D950, Beyer T5P, And others....

    Hello Fellow Members,   I am looking for some headphones. My ideal headphones would have a very open soundstage, crystal clear sound, good bass, etc... Think ADS (A/D/S to some) Speakers but in headphone size. Holographic sound with good stereo separation and no amplification needed...
  11. klfl

    FS: Mint Audio Technica ESW9

    For sale is a pair of Audio Technica ESW9 headphones. Having these for less than two months. First owner, item in excellent cosmetic condition and fully functional. Headphone is not modded, the wooden cups are of great condition without issue. Comes with all original acessories and box.  ...
  12. Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9 Sovereign Wood Headphones

    Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9 Sovereign Wood Headphones

    Portable closed headphone