1. controlmajortom

    FS: ATH-ES7 - Panasonic RP HTF600 - UE 500 - Shure SRH440

    I need to clear out my inventory...   ES7 (black) is about a year old, I'm the second owner. The cord broke so I sent it into Audio Technica for repair. They replaced the cable with one that actually has a proper strain relief on the I plug. Some small scratches on the surface but you can't...
  2. who_me_33

    ATH-ES7 Recable

    The other day, the I finally got round to recabling my ATH-ES7's.  The reason for this, the cable was getting too short, after being breaking a about 20cm away from the plug.  There was nothing fancy used in this, as it is a temporary measure (although will be keeping the headphones still, I am...
  3. Monsters Ink

    Real or Fake? Audio-Technica ATH-ES7

    Hello everyone, I got a pair of these ATH-ES7s and they sound good but I was wondering if they were real or fake. **They do have modded ear pads and they have an Apple cord.** Here are some pics: ^Original ear pads and carrying pouch^   So, are they real or fake? Thanks if you can...
  4. Kanashimu

    WTB: Parts from broken ATH-ES7 / ES9 / ES10

    I need the half-circular retention band found under the L/R indicator. The part thats screwed onto the headband, and attaches into the sides of the driver housing.   The highlighted red thing is what I need. I'd prefer the one from the left side if possible, though they may be identical, not...
  5. KhanF

    Any recommendations? I broke my ATH-ES7s.

    Hi   I recently broke the cord of my out-of-warranty ATH-ES7s, and right now I've inquired about repairing them from the authorized repair center here in Montreal but it looks like I'll have to buy new headphones. Boy, did I love these headphones.   Anyways, there were Bose AE2i for $113...
  6. JudgmentZefhyr

    Requesting help in identifying ATH-ES7

      Could anyone with knowledge of fake Audio-Technica ATH-ES7's take a look at these images and tell me if I have a fake here? Some parts of them match the authentic images in the ATH-ES7 thread but some parts seem...fake as well.   The cable rests going into the headphones are both...
  7. jthm

    ATH-ES7 issue - right can's wire has come loose and audio cuts out

    The cap that secures the wire to the can is cracked and the wire is loose, it can be pushed into the can a fair amount. If I manipulate the wire with my fingers squeezing and pushing it up a bit into the can I can get audio. I'm wondering if this is an issue that can be fixed and if so does it...
  8. dosley01

    FS: Audio Technica ATH-ES7

    I bought these from a fellow head-fier about a month ago and liked them so much I went ahead and bought the ATH-ESW9.  When I bought them, the previous owner did not mention that they had been re-cabled with some no name cable so I went ahead and bought a replacement from Audio Technica and...
  9. joev789

    Upgrading from ath-es7's to TMA-1?

    Recently i broke my ES7's stupidly but felt it would be a good time to upgrade think the tma-1 is a good choice but any other recommendations or comment let us know.
  10. chesterljh

    Audio Technica ATH-ES7 URGENT!!

    Selling this pair of headphones.   condition 6/10   Ear Pads needs to be changed although its rarely used but its flaking   Rarely used as its a backup to my iems   does not include any paypal fees and shipping fees!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Phono Groove

    Sony MDR-ZX700 - like new ( looking to sell or trade for Audio Technica ATH-ES7 or ATH-ES9 )

    Selling a brand new pair of sony mdr-zx700 headphones, I do not have the original box but will pack very well.  These were used for only a few weeks sparingly.  I would like to try something different, I am looking for a mint pair of audio technica ath-es7 , I am open to other trades depends...
  12. concordus

    WTB: Audio Technica ATH-ES700

    Hi    Please send your offer about Audio Technica ATH-ES700, would love to try this model.   I am located in EU.   Regards
  13. Eagle_Driver

    Audio Technica ATH-ES7 ***SOLD***

    Continuing my headphone clean-up, I am selling my Audio Technica ATH-ES7 headphones.   The Audio Technicas are also in excellent working condition and very good cosmetic condition. Included are the original box and all original accessories. Asking $50 plus $10 shipping.   I prefer to accept...
  14. chesterljh

    Audio Technica ATH-ES7

    Selling this pair of headphones.   condition 6/10   Ear Pads needs to be changed although its rarely used but its flaking   Rarely used as its a backup to my iems   does not include any paypal fees and shipping fees!!!!!!!!!!!   AND I AM WILLING TO TRADE ITEMS FOR ANY OF MY...
  15. stevenjchang

    WTB: Audio-Technica ATH-ES7

    want to buy a pair of ATH-ES7 for my roommate as a gift in good condition.   contact me with price and condition,   thanks.  
  16. haejuk

    Audio Technica ATH-ES7 w/ all accessories!

    I am the original owner of these headphones.  I bought them at an audio store at COEX mall in Seoul sometime in 2006.  I paid $180 at the time, but I think the price dropped considerably over the years.  They are in excellent condition with minimal scratching on the shiny cups.  Included is the...
  17. Nick 214

    Audio Technica ATH-ES7 Black - Modded!

    Hey everyone,   I'm clearing house of all audio gear as I am making some major changes to my lifestyle before graduating from college...   I bought these great cans in this thread: early last year.   As you can...
  18. seekadds

    For Sale: Audio Technica ATH-ES7 recabled

    For sale are my Good Condition 7/10 ATH-ES7's in White. The original cable is not so great and gets really dirty, so I have replaced it with a Westone  Epic IEM cable (White/Silver). This cable is a pretty big improvement over the original one. The only caveat is that I had to rip the strain...
  19. TheOneTheyCall

    Audio Technica ATH-ES7 or Grado SR80i. Or should save up for an AT M50 or Shure840

    I have about 100 pounds. But i can get 150 if necessary. I will mainly be listening to my computer (dell inspiron 15r, if it helps) , or my iPod. I Mainly like Rock and indie stuff. some electonica. What should I buy?
  20. sTaTIx

    Audio-Technica ATH-ES7

    I'm selling a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-ES7 portable headphones. $79.99 or best offer, shipped in the US. Great condition; sparingly used over the past few years; just haven't been that much into headphones as of late. All original packaging and velvet carrying case included. They're in very...
  21. matthewh133

    (AUS) ATH-ES7 (White, harly used)

    Selling a 9.5/10 condition pair of ATH-ES7's. Bought these for my girlfriend a while ago, and she just never really liked them (too big for her).   They are white, and in excellent condition, she probably only used them for 5-10 hours. Comes with the original soft pouch and cleaning cloth...
  22. OK-Guy

    Audio Technica ATH-ES7 On-Ear Headphones (Excellent Condition)

      For Sale     Audio Technica ATH-ES7 Heaphones   These are the Black Chrome ones   Excellent 'as new' Condition - Cups are Completely Unmarked   Comes with Orignal Packaging & All Extras.   I'm new to Head-Fi so I'm going through the pains of finding what suits me...
  23. meltie

    Germany/EU/World: Black Audio-Technica ATH-ES7 in excellent condition

    I am selling my Audio-Technica ATH-ES7 because there is something about the sound signature that I just don't like. I bought it in 02/2012 from a German store I know from many past purchases and I am absolutely sure it is a genuine pair. Since then I used the headphone only for a couple of...
  24. geestring

    Repairing or replacing cable on audio technica ATH-ES7

    I've been in love with these headphones ever since I purchased them and even repaired the flimsy 3.5mm jack once. But now the loose connection is where the cable goes into the ear piece. I wiggled the area and the audio cuts in and out.    How do I open the ear piece so I can replace it with...
  25. Mustvid

    audio-technica ATH-ES7 Overear Headphones

    I'm selling a nice black pair of audio-technica ATH-ES7 overear headphones. I've had them about 18 months. I've not used them the last six months. They are in very good condition. I had the cable replaced by the factory before the warranty ran out. The cans come with the felt bag.   First...