1. Squirsier

    ATH-ES7 Buyer's Guide or How (and Where) to Avoid Fakes.

    Greetings! As an owner of the wonderful ATH-ES7, I've seen so many threads going on about people wondering where to buy a real pair of these or how to find out what a fake pair of ES7 looks like. I thought about doing two things with this thread. The first, show the various pictures that...
  2. dbintoro

    reviews on Audio-Technica ATH-ES7 please ^^

    Is the sound quality for ES7 good ?? It costs 159usd, and its the most expensive portable headphones. Does it worth the buy? I need reviews on people who have used it. Thank you !
  3. GCTonyHawk7

    Audio-Technica ES7 Headband Mod *lots of pics*

    Hey guys. Like many of you, I own the ES7 headphones by Audio Technica. When you get them, you will find that the headband is bent in a weird way that makes the headphones look weird on you as well as making them more uncomfortable. There was another thread on this, but I figured I would start...
  4. zChan

    My 8th Headphone: Audio Technica ATH-ES7 (w. mediocre pics)

    Audio Technica's ES7. I think Im the second HeadFi'er to own one. (I think the first one is Sasaki, although its quite possible Alex has one already ) Some Quick Impressions: No bright sibilance-prone highs like the HD25. Isolation is very low for a closed can. I was able hear the...
  5. Skylab

    REVIEW: 5 sub-$150 sealed headphone compared

    Background: I decided to review 4 popular closed headphones that cost less than $150, and one far less known: the AKG K81DJ, Audio-Technica AT-ES7, Denon AH-D1000, Equation Audio RP21, and the more obscure Koss MV-1. I used the Sennheiser HD25-1, re-cabled with Headphile V2 Blackmax cable, as...
  6. Spardasieg

    Anyone have any luck with those cheaper Tube amps on ebay?

    Not sure if I like the sound of tube amps since I have never used one but I would like to try one to see without breaking the bank...Anyone know of a good cheap one, was looking at the Little Dots but those are still pretty pricey. I am looking for a warm sound from the amp.   Any help would...
  7. Audio-Technica ATH-ES7 Portable Headphones, White

    Audio-Technica ATH-ES7 Portable Headphones, White

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