1. ksimm033

    Through this journey, I have learned I like treble and vocals

    Right now I listen to music using my W4Rs. I've noticed that when I get done at the gym using my M6s and then laydown to use my W4Rs, the W4Rs come off to warm (use medium star tips). I use a rockbox clip plus and have the treble set to +12, with everything else on default. I'm guessing this...
  2. blazer78

    Audio Technica ATH-CKW1000: Through the Ages

    From left to right: ATH-CKW1000ANV, CK100, CK7, CM7Ti   There is a distinctive line when it comes to audio products that are under the category of monitoring and those under Hi-Fi. We see above a miniscule range of high-end (at least in their time) earphones that fall under both categories...
  3. filuS

    FS: Audio-Technica ATH-CKW1000ANV **PRICE DROP

    I bought these beauties from a fellow head-fier 3 months ago with a hope I could get used to IEM design. Unfortunately, despite trying hard to like them  (general design of IEM, not CKW1000s per se since they actually sound very good), my ears hurt almost instantly when I put them in and I...
  4. mark2410

    ATH-CKW1000ANV Quick Review

    ATH-CKW1000ANV Quick Review   Thanks to SwimSonny for the loan.       Brief:  Audio Technica had an Anniversary   Price: Circa £456 on ebay before HMRC has a go at them   Specification:  Driver Diameter 14 mm, Frequency Response 5 - 30,000 Hz Maximum Input Power 200 mW, Sensitivity...
  5. AppleheadMay

    WTT ATH-CKW1000ANV for ATH-ESW10JPN or various other Audio Technica phones

    My new ATH-CKW1000ANV wooden Limited Edition IEMs (info in my for sale post here) for any of these Audio Technica headphones:     ATH-ESW10JPN ATH-PRO700MK2ANV ATH-A2000X ATH-AD2000 Air ATH Woodies (any model)   Looking for mint to very good condition. I will add funds where...
  6. lxl88

    ATK CKW1000ANV

    I'm interested in the 1000ANV but up till now I have read so many negative comments about it. So is it worth buying afterall?
  7. kellj

    Sony ex1000 to trade for yours CK100pro/ckw1000

    Sony ex1000 to trade for yours CK100pro/ckw1000 Let me know if you are interested. My sony ex1000 is just 2 weeks old from amazon.  
  8. asabashoyuki

    FS: NEW - Audio Technica 50th CKW1000ANV - Price adjusted

    I am selling a pair of NEW (just opened litreally an hour ago for taking pictures and to make sure the custom didn't damage them) CKW1000ANV as I needed to make sure that I have sufficient cash for travel in April.   I ordered them last October and the seriel number of that pair is 338 (out...
  9. noxa

    WTT: CKW1000ANV for C4

    I'm looking to see if anyone wants to trade my brand new pair of Audio Technica CKW1000ANV Limited Edition for a Colorfly C4 in very good to mint condition. PM me if interested.
  10. noxa

    FT: CKW1000ANV for PFE232

    I'm looking to trade my brand new Audio Technica CKW1000ANV Limited Edition for a good condition pair of PFE232. Only looking to do a trade in UK/EU. Please PM me if interested.
  11. JohannLiebert


    I prefer a more balanced sound signature. These are terrific for j or k-pop, rock and bossa nova genre. The moving bass with upper mids emphasize creates a very unique, airy sound. Since mine has a few scratches on both wooden plates, I am willing to let these go for 250€   Possible...
  12. JohannLiebert

    Audio Technica CKW1000ANV

    Dear Community I am putting the limited CKW1000ANV for Sale. Comes with full Packaging, Warranty and Sony Hybrid Set. The IEM has a few scratches. But they are build like a Tank can take a lot of punishment. Pretty sure lol.
  13. NinjaSushi2

    Need music HP for wife. Audiophile quality please.

    My wife was wanting some ear buds for work but I told her I'd get her audiophile headphones to listen to. She listens to a lot of country and new age, while I listen to classic rock and dubstep. Can someone recommend some good HP that would suit us both. I asked if she wanted an amp but she so...
  14. MLee

    ATH CKW1000ANV IEMs - any experience, reviews, input?

    I tried the search and didn't get many hits so I thought I'd ask. My favorite home headphone is the ATH W3000ANV, so I am curious about their anniversary IEMs. I currently have a pair of Ety ER4P and Miles Davis Trumpets, and I like both of them for different reasons, and I'm wondering if I 'd...
  15. JohannLiebert

    Audio Technica ESW11

    ESW11 is in mint condition. Comes with full packaging and bill. I'll pay for the paypal, you for the shipping. Trading for SD3 KEF M200 + Money Sennheiser Amperior/HD25 + Money
  16. JohannLiebert

    Audio Technica Limited Editions. ESW11 and CKW1000ANV

    ESW11 425€ CKW1000ANV 200€ Paypal and shipping cost will be shared   Oh, I love these Headphones. But I am planning to go for Custom IEM's.  Both come with bill and warranty.  I am missing original Tips, but will provide Sony Hybrids. ESW11 is mint condition, not used much since I was...
  17. JohannLiebert

    Bangkok Selling/Trading Beyerdynamic T90/Pfe 232/ CKW1000ANV

    Hi, Beyerdynamic T90  comes with carrybox and adapter.  320€ Pfe232, no accessoires. Only 2-3 pairs of sony Hybrid Tips 250€ CKW1000ANV no accessoires, comes with 2-3 pairs sony Hybrid Tips 230€   I have been travelling Asia for 3 Months so couldnt take receipt and packaging with me...


    Audio-Technica Japan is celebrating its 50th anniversary on April 17, 2012. With half a century of history, Audio-Technica has grown to be a leading marker of beautiful, sophisticated audio equipment. And the new 50th Anniversary series products are Audio-Technica Japan's ultimate creations...