1. androidisbest

    Best Headphones under $400

    I need new headphones, I'm going with Monster Diamond Tears, Beats Pro, Sennheiser HD 600, Sennheiser Momentum, Bose QC15, or Logitech UE 9000, I listen to pop mostly, rap, hip hop, rock, and today's hits, which one would be the best out of the ones I picks and (optional) what would you...
  2. Wolvebain

    Suggested IEM for rockboxed Sansa Clip+

    Hi all.   Please suggest some IEM to be used with a rockboxed Sansa Clip+.  Would be using it to listen to the follow music: Guitar Instrumental [Buckethead, Satriani, etc] Classic Rock [Led Zepp, Cream, etc] Prog-Rock [Dream Theater, Tool, etc ] Rap-Core [RATM] Some R&B & Rap [Public...
  3. jago

    Audio Technica ATH-CKS50 (UK)

    Hi For sale here i have my first pair of earphones. They have been sitting on my desk for a while now. Purchased from seyo-shop middle of last year, they are in great condition except for a very small nik on the edge of the left earpiece housing (see pic) doesn't effect sound quality at all...
  4. srivas95

    Audio-Technica CKS50 or Koss KSC75??

    So These are pretty Closely priced where i Live, so i want to choose between them. Which has better sound quality? Which are comfortable?
  5. FinnTheHumen

    Would The Fiio E5 Headphone Amplifier Better The Audio-Technica ATH-CKS?

    I mean would it give more bass then it has, i hear that if you have good earphones its pointless to buy a amp. This is a vid on youtube on the effects...  
  6. joe24

    Over the ear headphone in range of 140-170$... returning SRh-840....

    Hey guys,   I ordered SRH 840 about a week ago... I made a mistake and did not look at the weight of headphone... Though, the sound was really good, but it is too heavy in weight and looks huge and bulky on me... I can not wear it for more time.. Any more suggestion ?? ...    I am...


    ATH-CKS50 Dynamic Model Driver φ12.5mm Output sound pressure level 104dB/mW 5 ~ 24,000 Hz frequency reproduction 100mW maximum input 16Ω impedance Weight approx 8g (excluding cord) Φ3.5 gold-plated stereo mini-plug (L type) Length: 1.2m / Y type