1. arctyler

    Help me find some bass heavy IEMs for under 150!

    I just got some ATH-M50's but they are too much of a pain to carry all around, and I need something more portable like IEMs, but I want them to have a punch like the ATH-M50s or better, and they have to be under 150, I'd prefer them to be the ones that don't go around the ear but it doesn't...
  2. nokialover

    High Quality In-ears that is good for watching shows, and listening to EDM?

    I am looking into buying a pair of high quality in ears, to compliment by beyerdynamics COP, and want something that does good with EDM, and is good for watching shows.     Any Suggestions?  Thanks in advance
  3. kjk1281

    Audio-Technica's Take on the Microdriver: ATH-CKN50 and CKN70

    On November 19, Audio-Technica announced the first product in their new PREMIUM COMPACT line, the ATH-CKN50. What's notable about the CKN50 is that it is the first Audio-Technica product to utilize a 5.7mm driver, the smallest the company has ever produced. It also utilizes the a new circular...
  4. Audio-Technica ATH-CKN70 In-ear headphones - Black

    Audio-Technica ATH-CKN70 In-ear headphones - Black