1. fjeena

    Best IEMs/canalphones for under £50 for Trance? MEEI M6 or M6 or AH-C710

    Hi As the title suggests I'm looking for a decent pair of IEMs for under £50. I know there are many other posts similar, but a lot of them are so old the IEMs suggested are no longer in production such as the Nuforce NE-700m , victor 700x or the UE 3 i cant seem to find in the uk. I...
  2. sxcnelson

    Need Suggestions:Upgrade for SoundMagic P11

    This is my first thread in Head-hi :-) . I must say big thank you to all of you for the writing best reviews on the internet.   My SoundMagic P11 earphones died last week and I am looking for a new IEM.   I listen mostly to DJ's like David Guetta,Tiesto and hence my prime focus is only...
  3. Eagelberg

    looking for on ear headphones under 150$ that won't be so big on the ears.

    hey all,    I am looking for headphones under 150$. I need it mostly for listening in my office and for traveling.  I was about to buy Bose OE2 because I liked the sound of them and that they are not so big on the ears. Than, fortunately, I read all these reviews about them falling apart and...
  4. Audio Technica ATH-CKM300 BK In-ear Headphones

    Audio Technica ATH-CKM300 BK In-ear Headphones