1. rawrster

    [Amateur Review] Audio Technica (CK10,CK90PRO,CK100), Monster (Turbine Pro Gold, Miles Davis), Ortofon e-Q7

    Introduction Due to some very fortunate circumstances (as well as at the expense of my wallet) I was able to acquire a couple of earphones that have been praised highly the last couple months. Warning: this review is very long. I typically do not do reviews since I am not as good as others...
  2. mp3

    My review of Audio Technica ATH-CK9 and ATH-CK10

    Audio Technica ATH-CK9 Specs. Single balanced armature Frequency range: 20 Hz – 15 KHz Impedance: 30 Ohm Sensitivity: 104dB/mW RRP: £159 Build quality and accessories. Build quality is absolute top class. The housing is made of plastic and the cable is 120cm/47in, with a straight...
  3. mvw2

    Review Set: Fischer Audio DBA-02, Audio Technica CK90Pro, Hifi-Man RE-ZERO

    Introduction I got a few new earphones to try out recently.  Joker was kind enough to let me borrow his CK90Pro for a little while.  I picked up the RE-ZERO after reading some promising reviews that they fixed some of the issues I didn't like with the RE-0.  I also bought the DBA-02 from the...


    Even a small earphone like this can produce the same amount of bass from a high quality headphone. Featuring the Dual Armature from Audio-Technica, Japan, allowing the sound to spread evenly through the canal for a superior sound quality. Including 3 different sizes of ear pieces and 1 free-form...