1. flashheatmvp3

    $60 Headphones

    Hey I'm looking at some new headphones to use for college. I'm on a bit of a budget so I'm hoping y'all can help me get the best bang for my buck.  I'm looking mostly at ones on Amazon since I have a giftcard there.  So far I have it narrowed down to but I'm not limited to:   Sennheiser HD...
  2. geezlouise

    Anyone have experience with the ATH-ANC27?

    First off should I even bother with active noise cancelling headphones?I've heard that they might not have the best sound.I mainly listen to electronic music,but I've started to listen to hiphop,rap and some music with a lot of background instruments...for example Somebody that I used to know by...
  3. BloodyPenguin

    Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2012 - Deals

    I know we already have two threads for Deals and Portable Deals, but I thought it would be a good idea to start a Black Friday / Cyber Monday thread, so people could plan their attacks in advance.     Here are a few I have found so far...
  4. bukzor

    full-size headphones for over-size head

    I'm having real trouble finding headphones that meet my requirements. I'm trying to use these for office work, keep the noise out, and keep the music in. I prefer a flat response, but I can always mix the levels myself in software.   Things I've tried:   sennheiser-hd-280-pro -- These...
  5. Chimaobi

    FA- 004, or ATH ANCA27 AND with what AMP?

    Greets guys.   I'm looking for new cans, and found some that I am feeling both price- and audio wise (by way of reviews).   Both are  circumaural and look spacious.   It comes down to the Fischer-004 (replaceable cable!) or the ATH ANCA 27's. Both seem relatively comfortable...
  6. rcaste

    Wanting to buy Sony MDRNC60. Reviews?

    Hey folks, I am looking to buy Sony MDRNC60 headphones. They are noise cancelling headphones, and I am going to be using them for commuting purposes in the Toronto subway system. I had, for the past week Audio Technica ANC27, and while the sound was amazing the comfort was not. I had to...
  7. rcaste

    Anyone ever owned Audio Technica ATH ANC27 or the 25 headphones?

    I'm looking for some cheap noise cancelling headphones and this place that is close to my house is selling the ANC27 for $95 and ANC25 for $75.  ...
  8. jonnyp11

    Headphones for $60 Help

    Trying to find the best set for about sixty bucks but dont know enough to pick, although i am being told by several people to get the sony xb500's and after trying a friends i really do like them, but not sure they are the best i can get. I listen to some heavy metal and a little dubstep, so i...
  9. Doyouwantaspoon

    Audio Technica ATH-ANC27 or Sennheiser HD 429?

    Been researching some headphones in the $60 range, and I guess I narrowed it down to these two. Does anyone here have experience with them? Wondering which I should go for.. or if there is anything better for $60.
  10. AUDIO TECHNICA ATH-ANC27 Noise-Canceling Headphones

    AUDIO TECHNICA ATH-ANC27 Noise-Canceling Headphones

    OuietPoint over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones Reduces environmental noise up to 85% Clear high-resolution audio Detachable cable for cordless noise cancellation On/off switch on ear cupno external modules