1. Visor31

    So what IEM's will sound something like ATH-AD900's ?

    I have only recently started using headphones, purchased some ATH-AD900's and love the new detail I am discovering in music.   They are connected to my computer through a USB Musiland MD10 DAC I had lying around, mainly FLAC and APE,   Now looking to get some IEM's for use with iPod...
  2. h1a8

    IEM closest to ATH-AD900 sound?

    I'm in love with my ath-ad900s (especially when I boost the bass up about 5-6db). They are so clear. The midrange is slightly forward (perfect) and not too forward or recessed. The treble is perfect as well.   I know that NO IEM can match them as far as soundstage. With that said, what are...
  3. Alondite

    AD900 or Q701?

    I've been searching around for a pair of suitable full-sized open circumaural headphones to accompany my GR07s for awhile now, and I think I've narrowed my search down to two: The AD900 and the Q701. Is there anyone who has heard both and can give me a good comparison/suggestion? I'll copy/paste...
  4. kevin645

    The best bang for buck headphones? HD598 + E11 vs Ad900 + E6

    Hey guys,  I just joined this forums after reading many of your views on HD598 and Ad700/AD900's   Now my budget is around 250 for everything I need. If worst comes to worst I will just buy the AD700 if I need to spend less money. Now the HD598's are cheaper, so I can be a E11 or the...
  5. higgsbison

    AD900 or AKG 242HD or HE300

    Which will be more suited to acoustic, piano, vox, softrock/indie and a bit of jazz and blues. From my research the AKG will prob be more to my liking as far as sound sig goes. It does seem to be more accurate and natural of the two, with a more realistic stage. The Ad900 on the other hand big...
  6. nsx280ps

    Upgrading from Sony V6.... AD900 vs K702/K701/Q701 ?

    I am looking to get a new set of cans, this time Im looking to get a set of open cans as I really think i would enjoy more soundstage and I mostly listen at home.  I only recently got into the full size headphones category, I listen to mostly trance, vocal trance, rock...     For my budget...
  7. auee

    Audio Technica ATH-AD900 compared to AKG Q701/K701

    I am looking for desktop headphones that have a different sound than my Sennheiser 650s and narrowed my search to the above. My reading leads me to conclude that they are similar, but I have not listened with either. Their street price is very similar and I am a fan of open phones for home use...
  8. funessn15

    New AD-900

    I just received the audio-technica ad900's and I truly love it. Though it is not burned in for that long of time, I already like them and feel that they will just keep getting better and better. Anyways I would like to know what would be a suitable dac/amp to support these? I know some say that...
  9. moonsetflies

    Headphone amp to pair with 2011 mac mini and ATH-AD900 32ohm

    Main source = mac mini directly, or mac mini via airport express. budget: preferably not much more that $200   My primary listening is with 32ohm ATH-AD900 (and very very rarely, the DT770's 80ohm) I want something that will really shine with the ATH-AD900's but I also want something...
  10. nsx280ps

    Return the AD900... Get the Q701?

    So i finally pulled the trigger on the Audio Technica AD900 and got them early this week.  So far they have about 100 hours of burn in.  They have significantly improved, noticeably less brittle sounding, while the bass has more punch compared to out of the box.  I also played around with the...
  11. K

    AD900 Good for Mixing?

    Dear Guys   I'm new to this great forum and currently thinking to get a headphone for mixing music (electronic and some new age). I have KRK RP5 monitor and I will second check mixing with my headphone. I don't record anything so I don't need close cans. I have used K271 (old version)...
  12. Deda

    Can't decide between Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro, AKG K702, and Audio Technica ATH AD900, mostly for gaming

    Hi Everyone,   Ok, so I have been researching for it seems like days now for a good headset.  I am currently running a Razer Carcharias headset for PC  gaming and listening to music.  I find my current headset very comfortable but the audio especially when listening to music sounds very...
  13. Botnet

    Beyerdynamic DT990 or Audio Technica ATH-AD900

    I'm looking to get one of these and will be auditioning them (if they are available) before getting them.   Now the problem comes with the DT990 since it comes in the 32Ω, 250Ω and 600Ω version. I don't have an amp yet nor can I borrow one but I do plan to get the Fiio E10 once I do...
  14. Warpig17

    Grado SR225i VS AD900 (For Metal)

    I'm planning on getting a new set of headphones and I was wondering which of these would be best for death metal. Unfortunately I'm not able to test out these cans in any stores nearby so I'm hoping anyone who has alot of experience with both of these can help me out.     I was looking into...
  15. Brick3

    Audio Technica ATH-AD700 or ATH-AD900?

    Hello everyone.I'm thinking to buy ath-ad700 or 900.Many people recommend others to buy one of these headphones for gaming.I've read that ath-ad900 has more bass.But is that all?Is there a difference between their general sound quality? I don't like much bass.I prefer treble sound.The other...
  16. transcience

    AD900 or AD700 to go with Creative X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro USB soundcard

    Hi, new to Head-Fi here. I'm getting my first "serious" cans pretty soon. Right now it's a toss-up between the AD700 and the AD900. I know that the Creative X-Fi external USB would be enough to drive the AD700, since it doesn't require a lot of power. But what about the AD900?  I will have to...
  17. mac336

    senn hd 598 or Audio technica ath ad900

    which open eared HP is better for use with pc with lower end sound card and ipods ( without amp)? Or if you have another recommendation, i am listening
  18. Fringe

    AD900 cable "hiss"

    I recently noticed when I'm listening to my AD900 and I coil the cable up it makes a noticeable hissing noise. When I stretch the cable back out or move it around the hiss goes away. It doesn't seem to be the connection to the headphones and it isnt the amp since it makes the same noise out of...
  19. RedSky0

    High-end step-up from AD900s.

    So, use the D5000s now, owned AD700s previously, have heard and liked the AD900s but am willing to spend a bit more money.   Looking for a side-step from the D5000s with the same comfort level/lightness but am looking for something more airy and natural sounding which is good at classical...
  20. Norman314

    Review and comparison: ES10, FA003, Aurvana, AD900, HD25

      This is a review and comparison of the following headphones: Audio Technica AD900 Audio Technica ES10 Sennheiser HD25 Fischer FA003 Creative Aurvana Live!   Since some of them are full-size and others are portable, and since threads on some of the portable headphones listed...
  21. mbevier

    Upgrading from AD700: AD900, HD598, or AKG 702?

    I currently have the AD700 - which I have really enjoyed.  However, I've been looking to upgrade a bit.  I originally got the AD700 because of it's highly extolled virtue in gaming (positional sound) coupled with it's relatively high quality compared to most "gaming" headsets.  To those ends, it...
  22. Sgt_Strider

    Fiio E10 and Audio-Technica ATH-AD900?

    I've heard good stuff about the Fiio E10 and I'm wondering how well does this amp pair up with either the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 or the Audio-Technica ATH-AD900?   The DAC will be used with both my desktop and my laptop (MacBook Air 13.3"). I still haven't really decided on which headphones...
  23. Sgt_Strider

    Anything better than the Audio-Technica ATH-AD900 at its price range?

    My primary use is for gaming, watching movies, listening to jazz, classical, and pop music. I think the Audio-Technica ATH-AD900 fits my need, but I just want to double check with the experts here on which route to go. Are you guys aware of anything better at that price range or I should just go...
  24. kinsale

    Best open air headphones for Acoustic Music

    Hi all,   I have approx $300 to spend.  Besides the Sennheiser 650 what is the best headphone for Acoustic music.  Really looking for airy and wide soundstage.  Comfort is an issue as well as I will wear them for hours on end at work. Used is ok too.   Thanks!
  25. yepimonfire

    AKG Q701 vs ATH-AD900 (As an AD700 Upgrade)

    Forgive me if this sounds a bit incoherent, I haven't had a lot of sleep and I've been pounding away at algebra homework all day, so there isn't much left at this point, but here goes.   I'm writing this review with the intention of comparing these two headphones, considering I have seen...