1. polarkiller

    Classical on a Budget

    Hi everybody! I'm new to the forum and I'm not a native English speaker. That said, I am willing to buy an AMP, a DAC and, of course, a pair of headphones. My budget for the headphones only is 300$ max. I've read all the previous threads about this and I think my options are: -AKG k701...
  2. hotfever

    Need advise on CIEM

    I was very eager to pick up my um miracle this morning...........but after a few hrs testing it out i realized i picked the wrong sound-signature,it doesnt do me any satisfaction like my beloved ety er4s im going to put it on sale to fund another CIEM,i really dont wanna make the same...
  3. ExoNautic

    reasonable pair of over-ears

    Ok so im not an audiophile guy typically but i really need a good headset as some of the sounds that i hear coming out of my current sets sound worse to me by the day. i want a good pair of over-ears, preferably with a velvet ear cup like the hd 598's have (i believe). and i definitely would...
  4. Mods12

    Best $300 Headphones

    Looking to spend $300 on a pair of headphones. Looking for headphones that are great for female vocals and a good all rounder. I already have a schiit vali/modi   Ones I have been looking at Sennheiser HD600 Hifiman He-400 ATH AD900 Mad dogs
  5. squirrelboy1210

    drawing the line for best sound from an ipod/mp3 player

    Hey there headfi! i've been studying up on the forums for the past six months now on what headphones sound best straight out of a portable source. What i'm looking for is a headphone that has low impedence and will make-do with mp3 files- not anything lossless or FLAC. i'd really appreciate it...
  6. Veniogenesis

    News :: Audio-Technica ATH-900Ti, ATH-DWL5000, ATH-CK10, ATH-SQ5, ATH-FC700, ATH-ANC3

    New stuff. Red is in. (Many of the below are available in black, white, and red.) ATH-900Ti: (52,500 yen) ATH-DWL5000: (120,750 yen) ATH-CK10: (37,800 yen) ATH-SQ5: (9,975 yen) ATH-FC700: (6,300 yen) ATH-ANC3: ATH-CKM50:
  7. Schalldampfer

    Another limited edition A900 Sounds interesting, no?
  8. nyrocker

    Mapletree Amps do OK with AT's ATH-AD series??

    I'm shopping for a new tube amp and currently own Audio Technica ATH-AD900 headphones.  In addition to the amp purchase I'm also thinking about moving up to the AD2000Xs, so I want to get the amp choice right.  The Mapletree amps are appealing due to price, size and simplicity but I'd like to...
  9. Groznyjgrad

    Best headphones for Classical music?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a pair of headphones to use with primarily classical music. The biggest thing I'm looking for is DETAIL. I want to be able to hear the bow sliding across the cello strings. I prefer a more neutral presentation with an airy top end, but I'm not too set on bass...
  10. gkanai

    Audio Technica ATH-D900USB

    Starting a thread on the Audio Technica ATH-D900USB which come with a DAC in the headphones.   These Cans Come With Their Own Built-In DAC
  11. h1a8

    Increasing the sound value of iems.

    I hope this doesn’t hurt sales for headphone makers. I just want to help out the community with my findings.   Now many iems owe their sound mostly to how they are tuned and very little to how they are built acoustically. In other words, many iems have been equalized beforehand.  Knowing this...
  12. Kingof2v1

    Audio Technica ATH-AD900 without Sound Card / Amp?

    Hi,   I'm in the market for some gaming headphones. I heard the ATH-AD900's have great soundstage and I play competitive FPS games, so I was thinking that would be a good choice. However, I won't have an AMP, and I'm using the onboard soundcard from my MSI Z87-G41-PC-Mate motherboard.  Given...
  13. bkchurch

    Looking for an open and very comfortable headphone for home theater and gaming use (Thinking Senn HD 558, AT AD-900, or BD DT-990 250ohm)

    I'm in the market for an open full size headphone for home theater and gaming use. I'd love it if it sounded great when listening to music as well but that is a secondary and less important concern (I listen to rock, pop, and electronic stuff mostly). Above all the most important thing I'm...
  14. danlayman

    ath-ad900x significant improvement over ad900

    Owning both, the newer model makes major design and ergonomic improvements over the older one. Sound quality is also a significant upgrade. The 900 never fit me or a lot of other people very well primarily due to the wing system being too loose and the thin pads. This tended to create a bass-shy...
  15. cardan

    Headphones with equal or better soundstage than AD700 but with significantly deeper bass for <$300

    The title really says it all. Are there any cans out there that sound as great as the AD700's but with much deeper bass? Maybe even basshead levels. I'd say $300 is my budget.
  16. sancco

    bored of dt-250

    I love my DT-250's, but I'm getting a bit bored of them.  I thought I might try out something a bit more lively.  I've tried Sennheiser and I find their sound like somebody switched on the Rock equaliser.  Quite hollow in the mids.  I've tried ATH-M50 and they sound amazing but on poor...
  17. Acknown3

    Would HD600's be an upgrade from AD900's to a man who mostly uses them for gaming and bass-light music?

    Hey guys. I've been looking around eBay recently and saw that I could get some barely-used HD600's for roughly $300. If I were to get these, I would have to sell my AD900's (maybe for $140), so I can only keep one or the other. Thing is, the AD900's are praised for their huge soundstage, which...
  18. robertlj2010

    Help Don't have any idea what heaphone's to get

    I've been looking for headphones lately I would like some nice quality headphones that are good all around and my head is medium to big i guess but anyways i want them in the price range of 100$ to 250$ so if anyone has any suggestions please list them, thanks
  19. Aerial Wave

    Audio Technica AD900 vs AD900x whats the difference?

    After a quick search on the forums, seems like nobody have made a proper comparison between both models.    Can anyone tell me the main differences between the old Audio technica vs the "X" series? 
  20. GreyArea

    Where to go next?

    Good evening Head-Fiers. I require some advice.   I just broke my HD600s. I managed to irreparably damage the driver in the right side. A silly accident and one that I regret. However, it's lead me to think about my headphone selection and, recently, I've been enjoying reading reviews...
  21. erevert

    Ad900 +focusritte 2i2=killing my ears!

    Hello community, Im new on this forum!! I dont know if there is a place when you introduce yourself, didnt found it. Please tell me if i need to   This is my problem, I hope some one can help me, is killing me!   Last week i bought an ATH-AD900 headphone, and a focusritte 2i2 for 2...
  22. zdenko1

    Is Audio-GD NFB 15.32 + Audio Technica ATH-AD900 combo good?

    Hi! I am new here and I want to buy my first real headphones along with DAC and AMP. About headphones I'm pretty sure but not about DAC. Can someone tell me if the combo is good, and if not, help me pick some for AD900 headphones? DAC should have at least USB and optical output (I want to use...
  23. jonwin712

    Very Specific and Challenging Question- Headphones for Old Classical Music recording

    Hi Everyone, My name is Jonathan and I was told this is the place to go to consolt on Buying a specific set of headphones. I want a pair which are good for listening to Old Recordings of Classical Music.   I currently Have the Grado SR225, and Like them a lot. Since I have them for a...
  24. luciferzexii

    Plz advice me some budget headphone!!!

    Hi guys, i need your help to recommend some of the budget headphone that suit for classical and vocal music. I prefer those could give a relaxing sound and comfort to wear since i feel that my sony V7506 is quite sharp and hard to have a long and relax time for listening to music. my budget is...
  25. lobbleton

    opamp for Auzentech Forte with ATH-AD900

    I have a Auzentech X-Fi Forte sound card. I will be buying the Audio Technica ATH-AD900 headphones. Auzentech has 3 opamps I'm considering buying, 627au, 637au & 8620. Which one would you guys recommend? Will be used 80% gaming 20% electronic music.   Thanks for the help