1. kashim

    best positional audio for hard core fps gamer (headphone + soundcard)

    hi guys i m italian fps player,i m played for many years with siberia frost blue v2 usb headset with good result,but now i wanna spend more for great soundcard + headphone combo...i m looking for a 3d soundcard emulation  5.1 and a great stereo headphone open back with awesome positional...
  2. douglatins

    Looking for 200ish usd cans (80% Gaming)

    Usage is 80% Gaming What i looked so far are AD700X AD900X (current pick) Sony MDR-MA900 HD8000 (lol jk) PC360/350 HD598 (used amazon) HD558 KRK KNS 6400 (closed, and i hear open are better for games) I currently have an Roccat Kave Headset, and would like an upgrade of sorts, its...
  3. darkunknown88

    Looking for a decent gaming headphone.......

    Greetings Head-fi'ers!   I'm looking for a decent gaming headphones for around 100-120$.   Primary qualities: -Should have good soundstage. -Good enough for a listening to music   Secondary qualities: -Comfy and durable   Misc: No problem if it doesn't come with mic.  ...
  4. stevendom

    Better Soundstage for gaming ath-ad700x or ath -ad900x?

    Just wondering which one offers more benefits gaming wise.
  5. HyperDuckling

    Headphones for gaming/music

    Hi Head-fi   this is my first thread on this forum, and i'm pretty new to this "hifi" world, so bare over with me! :)   - anyways, i'm looking for a pair of open headphones for my gaming sessions (mainly fps games) and for music listening (rap electronic, pop, rock), so the soundstage has to...
  6. Mechnutt

    Head phone help Please!

    I would greatly appreciate some headphone advice.  I bought my son a pair of Sennheiser HD 449 headphones to use with computer music and gaming.  After 50 hours of burn in they are flat will little bass.  I am going to sell these and buy a different set.  I want to stay in the $100-120 range...
  7. stevendom

    Cant decide on headphones

    Hello, I'm looking to get a quality pair of over-ear headphones for gaming and general music listening. I've decided on a few headphones, but I just don't know which is the best. I'm not much of a fps gamer but id like to have that surround sound, I also want that Imax feel for full game...
  8. gameaholic

    Audio Technica ATH-AD700X Japan made?

    I am considering getting the Audio Technica ATH-AD700X for gaming but I saw a review that said the build quality went down when they stopped making them in Japan and moved production to China.  Can someone confirm this?  On ebay there are ATH-AD700X's for sale from Japan but none of them say...
  9. HeadHuntR

    Schould I buy the Philips Fidelio X1

    Hei, I am planning on buying a headphone in the next couple of days and is wondering whether to buy the Philips Fidelio X1 or not. It is gonna be used primarily for gaming and I'm worried it will not provide any good "surround quality" aka being able to her where footsteps/explosions originates...
  10. InfiniteShift

    Looking for new headphones! Help!

    Hello Head-Fi! Long time lurker, first time poster here.   I'm looking to do a full upgrade on my audio system for my computer, coming from on-board audio (I used to use an external sound card but, upon getting new IEMs, I began to notice a hiss much worse than the one from the on-board...
  11. AssaultClips

     ATH-AD900x: Where to start?

    I am quite new to the audiophile world and am wondering what I need to purchase with the ATH-AD900xs. I was looking into getting a soundcard for quite a long time but I have just recently read that with using a soundcard, I would notice digital interference from the mobo and that using a DAC and...
  12. jTizMLG

    AD500x or AD700x for gaming?

    I'm having trouble deciding between these 2.   I mostly want a competitive edge against my opponent.   Would the ad500x be "enough" if its just for competitive gaming?
  13. dogroll


  14. kw4z1eb0i

    audiotechnica AD700x QUESTIONS please dont flame

    hello Head-Fi i would like to know your opinion on the AD700x i am currently deciding on buying a pair for gaming but also just for general use on the go 1. When i wear em can people hear my music? 2. Are they worth the money for video games? 3. Do they overheat my ears? 4. What is the...
  15. invite

    Hands Down... The Best Headphones For FPS Gaming?

    Sorry if all of you thought I had a product to share, but it's actually going to be a question instead of a hook to introduce an awesome product.    I play CS:GO, and the sound engine is meh.   I used Siberia V2s for a while and I barely could here any footsteps in the game. Everything was...
  16. Povell42

    AD700x vs. AD700 ???

    I am not finding much info on the AD700x. I am particularly wondering about any audio changes in comparison to the AD700.  I have heard the AD700s and I like them for many reasons.  However, like everyone else, I am hoping that the AD700x adds a little more bass.    Can anyone tell me how...
  17. ChocolateFinger

    Sick of buying headphones

    So over the past few months I have tried out a number of headphones, all failing on me.   The SR850's - Hated the pads, sock mod fixed this somewhat but the pads kept coming off, leather headband broke after a few months, I hated everything about these other then the sound quality.   The...
  18. Berlok

    Tried the M50, DT770 & AD700X, any others?

    Hey guys,   First up, this are what I intend to get a pair of cans for. Mostly home usage, Music, Movies & Games from my desktop DAC.   Tried the M50, DT770 80ohms and AD700X.   Felt the M50 bass to be on the boomier and looser. The mids were more front forward, which is something I...
  19. XenatR

    AKG 702 vs AT AD700X for fps gaming?

    hi all,   i currently own the Sony MDR-SA3000 headphones, which give nice spatial sound, but wanted to upgrade to something better   ive narrowed down my choices to the AKG 702 and Audio Technica AD700X   i understand these are probably the best for fps gaming give their wide sound stage...
  20. KnezicDex

    Audio-Technica ad700x vs Philips Fidelio L1

       Hello. Recently i got hooked to quality audio (music). Currently i use Sennheiser HD205II. I don't have much experience with headphones so i won't rate these ones but they sound good enough for first good headphones and if it wasn't for the unbearable clamping force i could recommend them for...
  21. cakedude501

    Need help finding a 100 - 150 USD Headphone / Headset

         i have been looking to get a new headphone or headset to use for FPS/MMORPG gaming and listening to music on occasion.  I know that if I went for a pair of headphones, which i have seen multiple times be the preferred option, that I would need a  modmic.  I am looking for headphones that...
  22. tinglydingly

    Has anyone tried the Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X?

    I'm looking around for the most comfortable cans and the AD700 really stood out because literally every review said they were comfortable. I'd love to own them but they've also said that the bass is lacking for those who want it (which I really do). My question is: has anyone tried the AD700X...
  23. vegaobscura

    Replacement/Upgrade from Shure SCL4 - Under $200

    My Shure SCL4s have finally kicked the bucket after a botched repair (We were so close...then a misapplied needle-nose ended that progress irreparably.)    While I'm considering the out-of-warranty replacement to SE425s for $155, I'm thinking about full-size options as well. I like the...
  24. Small Tank

    I think my ATH-AD700 headphones are making me go bald.

    I should probably start by saying I'm a hardcore fan of the AD700, and I've used them for 12+ hours a day since 2009. They're my only source of sound.    First of all, I really know nothing about hair. I've only noticed this within this year, but my headphones sit exactly where my hair is...
  25. epacaguei

    Sennheiser HD555 vs HD 558 vs Audio Technica AD700x

    Hey guys, It's that thread again... I hope someone can give me some advice on these headphones. I wanted to upgrade from some random broken Sony headphones I've been using for a while, and I read around to see what fit my needs the best and came upon these 3 models. Basically, I mainly use...