1. T3Vince

    Audio technica headsets choice

    Hi guys, just started looking at a new set of headsets recently and bumped into the audio technica closed back AG1. Started looking around and basically I'm now stuck in a dilemma as I'm torn between getting either 1. the AG1 gaming headset 2. the A900xltd version   I don't use a mic much...
  2. maybe4sg

    Need review for Audio Technica ATH-900XLTD

    Apparently 900XLTD is a limited edition model available only Japan and Singapore (+plus some other asian countries). Thus not many reviews have been posted about it. I would like hear your thoughts on this model and how it compares to other mid range headphones such as ATH M50x, Soundmagic HP150...
  3. PurpleAngel

    Audio Technica ATH-A900XLTD vs ATH-W1000X

    I'm tempted to swap out my current ATH-A900X (Velour pads) headphones for the ATH-A900XLTD or ATH-W1000X. The price is the same. Anyone have any ideas on how those two headphones (A900XLTD & W1000X) would compare to each other?
  4. Audio Technica ATH-A900XLTD (Japan Import)

    Audio Technica ATH-A900XLTD (Japan Import)

    Type : Closed Dynamic type Driver : 53mm Plug : Gold plating stereo mini plug Code length : 3m