1. BloodyPenguin

    List of Just Earbuds

    Earbuds     Due to the fact that there does not seem to be any real way to label Earbuds (in ear, but not in ear canal) as just Earbuds.     Being they sometimes get listed as earphones as well.     So I wanted to make a "Master List" of all the Earbuds available to purchase, or that...
  2. oopeteroo

    closed headphones for female vocal ?

    i have decide to get a closed headphone....   new to this front. Whats good closed headphone for female vocal, ballad, kpop, jpop ?
  3. icewind

    most comfortable closed heaphones (=<$200)

    Audio Technica ATH AD700 headphone user here.  hi :)   Love these headphones for the comfort level.  I get headaches quite easily, and a lot of different headphones give me one by being too tight on the ears and even sometimes too enclosed (ie airtight that it feels like my ears will pop)...
  4. Pistachio

    Yamaha YM-303 Headphones

    I was searching through some old crap my family has been keeping in the garage for god knows how long, when I came across a pair of Yamaha YM-303 headphones. I tried using them but they recieve a very weak and intermittant signal, this is obviously a problem with the cabling of the headphones...
  5. sacrifice13

    The New Audio Technica ATH-S500

    Hi all, I decided to start this thread and do a brief review, because there isn't a whole lot of information on these headphones and as far as i know, I'm the only one on who owns them.    Let me start this review with a disclaimer. I am an Audio Technica fanboy. I really love their...
  6. Azure

    A500s, First REAL headphone experience (56k warning) - Biggest Disappointment Ever

    After 11 months (NOT a year) of searching for and debating with myself the perfect pair of headphones for me, I finally got the A500s and tested them out last night: Right when I saw them in person the first thing I said was "Holy ****, those are HUGE!" They're size is...
  7. thrawn86

    Re-Cable ATH-A500 - pinout help

    The earcups and cable for my A500s have been torn up pretty badly over the years, so I figured I might as well do everything over.   However, I'm a bit confused upon opening them up.  This is a single entry style, this is the inside of the left earcup (click for big). The black jacketed...
  8. pickleweed

    Audio Technica AD900x

    havent seen too much about these guys, but they really took me by surprise.   So, I went into my local best buy to go test drive some AKG 550's.  and I REALLY wanted to like them.  generally they sounded pretty good.  i dont think i had any of the seal issues that were being touted.  the...
  9. username1

    Something comparable to ATH-A500?

    Hey there!   Got my Audio Technica's for 6 years already, so i need a replacement.   I'm not hep to anything regarding headphones these days, so are there any better headphones than ATH-A500 in the same price range out there? ($130-180)   I'm listening to music and watching movies...
  10. Reign1

    Headphones ~250 or under for all-around use

    I'm looking for a pair of headphones for ~250 or under for all-around use (music/movies/gaming). I listen to mostly pop and rock (random sample of last four songs: Natasha Bedingfield, Train, Eminem, Kelly Clarkson). I don't listen to dubstep, trance, or most rap (with the exception of a few...
  11. zchen

    Need recommendation for a closed can in $150~$300 range

    Hi guys, been bitten by the I want a new toy bug. Need recommendation for a headphone in the $150~300 range that is closed, over the ear, comfortable (HD580 level), and different in sound signature from my Sennheiser HD 580 and HD280 pro (I'm happy with the HD 580, just want to get something...
  12. kjk1281

    Audio-Technica Announces Revised ART Monitor Series, New Open Headphones

    On September 20, Audio-Technica announced their latest products in the popular A-series "ART Monitor" linen of full-sized closed headphones, marking the first time in nine years that the company has completely revamped its midrange offerings. The ATH-A500X, ATH-A700X, and ATH-A900X are all said...
  13. SLaRe

    US$275 Budget advice: Koss Pro DJ100 vs Denon AH-D1100 vs Sony ZX700 + Amp for B'day present for my girlfriend

    Hello,   I´m looking for a set of closed full-sized headphones to give them away as a birthday present for my girlfriend. I need to make my mind in the upcoming days, because the date is quite close and they need to be shipped and all that stuff.   She mainly listens to Rock (Franz...
  14. Frigide

    Nice deal or not.

    I just bought a Audio-Technica A500 for 30  euro (about $35). It was a demo model for  I will use this with a Clip+ and Fiio e11. Is this a nice deal? First i was looking for a Sennheiser 201 am i better of now?    
  15. Azure

    Best cans for POWERFUL and RATTLING bass?

    I'm still planning my headphone pathway, but I just realized that the SA5000s won't have impactful and powerful bass, the kind of bass that I like when watching movies or sometimes playing games. So, I'll use the SA5000s for music, but I need a complementary pair of cans for games/movies. Which...
  16. Flagger

    Some headphones sound muffled/flat on my home receiver

    Not sure if this is right subforum, but here goes...   So I have a setup at the moment for my main PC where I have a optical digital output from the onboard sound (Realtek ALC892) to a Pioneer VSX-517 home receiver. When I'm not using headphones I have a pair of dtx floorstanders coupled...
  17. ry_goody

    ATH-A500's de-pleathered

    So if you have ATH-A500's, or the A700, and I think the A900 has the same pleathered earpads.   Well over time this pleather starts to peel off.   So a while ago I just completely de-pleathered my a500 earpads. Put them in water and just rub and rub until it all comes off. It leaves you...
  18. mouba3

    Need Help & Opinion from Owners of the Sennheiser HD4X8 Series

    sup fellas, i want your professional help and opinion cause I’m a newbie to the headphones world I want to get a sennheiser headphone but don't know if i should go for the HD 428/438, I have read a lot of helpful reviews and analysis here, I need opinions and help from somebody that owns or...
  19. Edward Reynolds

    headphones dying, need advice on replacemnt pair. Cheers!

    Note: English isnt my first language so sorry if i get some confusing wording going on! Im happy to clarify if needs be.   Currently have a pair of Audio Technica ATH-A500s, but they are starting to die (cable busted, pads coming off, lots of sound bleeding in and out). I would like some new...
  20. Vinny77

    new Ear Pads for Audi-technica ATH-A500

    I need to earpads for my ATH-A500 and would like to know where to get them. I would like the A900 earpads instead if possible as they seem to last much longer. So where can I get them.
  21. ZtrydR


  22. Groto

    Sennheiser HD 650 Setup

    I have been a home theater enthusiast for several years and want to get a higher quality out of headphones. I have owned Audio Technica ATH-A500 for probably 6+ years now and they just don't sound all that good because I am used to my high end speakers.   After much research it seems like...
  23. Mink

    Superlux HD669

    Not sure if I should start a new thread about these headphones, but I didn't want to hijack other Superlux threads.   I just received my Superlux HD669s. First impressions: for 30 EURO headphones they are really very good. The sound is open, clear and with decent instrumental timbre and...
  24. Tucker

    How bad are Sony MDR-V600

    I have a pair, just how bad are the Sony MDR-V600 compared with most headphones here? I'm upgrading soon, and assuming pretty much anything will be far superior in all respects... true? I'm looking at the ATH-A500 and Sony D66 at the moment. Any advice on those, esp relative to the...
  25. DjAmTraX

    Name some GREAT Closed Back Headphones, like Denon D7000.

    I am really liking my D7000 for private listening.  What else is as GREAT or better out there?  It seems like most "top of the line" models from makers are Open back design.