1. sling5s

    Which Dac (HRT Music Streamer II + or Audio GD NFB-3) for MAD EAR with Grado RS1

    I like both the sound signature of the HRT Music Streamer and NFB-3.   They are both very musical dacs; both on the warm side, yet lively and detailed.   That is, it's not clinical, thin and bright. But which would make a better match fro the Mad Ear and Grado rs1.   They are both about...
  2. Headphony

    Audio-GD NFB-3.1

    Yet another new Audio-GD DAC! It looks like the NFB3 with a "flavor" button to select the oversampling and digital filter response:   Edit: Sorry, looks like old news already - being discussed in the NFB-2 & NFB-3 Delivery &...
  3. Monir

    Yulong D100 vs Audio-gd NFB-3 for HD650 and PRO900

    I've been considering this for a while now and can't seem to reach a conclusion. It's fairly difficult if the product is not near at hand to demo. The Cambridge DacMagic Plus is quite popular and even exists in my local hi-fi store from where I demoed it and found it to be overly bright, just a...
  4. nothing4me

    Need DAC/Amp for HD650 + HE-500

    I currently have an HD650 and want to try out the HE-500. I've never ever used a DAC(I use an iPhone)/Amp in my life.   Can someone please suggest one for an HD650 and an HE-500? I don't want to really break my wallet though. I was thinking the E7 + E9 combo but I have no idea...   ...
  5. Axonn

    Audio-GD 5.32 power supply curiosity

    Hi there :).   I'm in the market for a medium-range headphone amp and I've been eyeing the NuForce Icon HDP. However, I've seen all the cool stuff said about Audio-GD products so I've started leaning in that direction.   I do have a few questions to you experts in the subject.   The Icon...
  6. PurpleAngel

    External DAC with two analog outputs.

    Looking for a external DAC with two analog outputs (assuming two set of RCA outputs). To be hooked up to a computer with USB, maybe optical. Lower priced stuff, under $200.
  7. Utopia

    Upgarde from Essence ST

    I'm currently using a Xonar Essence ST + M-Stage + AH-D5000 combination that I'm looking to improve. I'm thinking of adding a separate DAC and still keep the Essence ST as a low jitter source. Still, the Essence ST is fairly good.  I've been looking at Audio-GD NFB 3 and Schiit Bifrost, but do I...
  8. saffyg

    Nuforce uDAC2 for Hifiman He-500 and Schiit Lyr

    I was looking into purchasing the Hifiman HE-500 and Schiit Lyr. I already own a Sennheiser HD598 and NuForce uDAC2. Is the uDac-2 a good enough DAC for my headphone and combination or should I be looking into purchasing something higher end?
  9. moonshake

    Closed cans upgrade

    Hi there,     I´ve been away from headphone / hifi community for some time and was experiencing some gear adquisition syndrome during these days. Usually using K271 with velour pads with good results as a help tool when I can´t use my studio monitors for mixing (also use K701 for sub bass...
  10. Audio-gd NFB 3.2

    Audio-gd NFB 3.2

    Dedicated Discrete DAC Supports full speed Asynchronous Transfer Mode Built in the Tenor TE8802 chip Built in 2 Pieces Hi-end grade WM8741 Chips Price: (Exclude shipping cost) NFB-3.1(TE7022) : USD299 NFB-3.2(TE8802) : USD339