1. BrucYSN

    WTB audio GD CD7 or similar transport

    WTB audio GD CD7 or similar product
  2. tamahome77

    FS: [SOLD]Audio-GD CD7 Special Edition transport

    Looking to gather some funds for my vacation.  Selling my excellent sounding audio gd CD7 Special Edition transport.  I'm the original owner and the transport is in excellent condition.  I've put in about 50 hours of play time.  An excellent sounding transport but I listen to my music via my pc...
  3. maguire

    WANTED Audio-gd CD7 transport

    Anyone not needing their Audio-gd CD7 transport ? Pls pm me with price to Melbourne......
  4. BoyNamedSue

    WTB: Audio-gd cd7 transport

    WTB Audio-gd cd7 transport, preferably final version. Local sale would be great. I am located in Los Angeles. Thanks.
  5. joe

    Audio-gd CD7-FV

    The current Audio-gd flagship digital transport.