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  1. Audeze

    Audeze Trade-In, Trade-Up: Save $2000 off LCD-5 or CRBN (June 2023 Offer)

    TRADE-UP AND SAVE! $2000 off LCD-5 or CRBN Trade-in any headphone with an MSRP of $1499 or more, and you can buy a brand new LCD-5 or CRBN electrostatic for only $2495. For example, trade-in a Sennheiser HD800, Stax L700, or Focal Clear. Even high-end in-ears from Noble or others qualify...
  2. MoonAudio

    Best TOTL (Top of the Line), Reference Headphones of 2022 | Moon Audio

    Best TOTL (Top of the Line), Reference Headphones of 2022 | Moon Audio
  3. BassicScience

    My Pilgrimage to Headphone Mecca (The Source AV) [Audeze LCD-5 and CRBN Reviewed]

    As I was in Southern California for the Christmas holiday and had some time on my hands, I made my way over to The Source AV in Torrance on Tuesday, with the primary objective of giving the Audeze LCD-5 a serious audition. As a bonus, I discovered they had recently acquired an Audeze CRBN, so I...
  4. Audeze LCD-5 Planar Magnetic Headphones

    Audeze LCD-5 Planar Magnetic Headphones

    Transparency, Resolution, and Speed The LCD-5 sets a new standard for accuracy. Its drivers are engineered with our award-winning Fluxor magnets and updated Fazor waveguides along with our new Patent-pending Parallel Uniforce™ voice coils, which employ varying width parallel traces to keep the...
  5. TaronL

    Audeze LCD-5 | Now in stock at

    We just received our latest shipment of Audeze LCD-5s and with that, we've finally been able to take care the last of our backorders with a few LCD-5 leftover. Grab a pair of LCD-5s today from with free overnight shipping and 365-day returns! Buy the Audeze LCD-5
  6. Todd

    Weiss DAC/Audeze LCD-5 High End Loaner Program

    HI All, We are going to try a few high end loaner programs with new rules for participation. This is the first with more to follow. These will be limited to 5 people. The Weiss DAC 502 is a premium high end DAC that feature a single ended and balanced headphone output. Weiss DAC are currently...
  7. Audeze

    LCD-5 Trade-In Program. Expires Nov 15th, 2021!

    LCD5 trade-in program Oct 4, 2021. This offer expires Nov 15th, 2021. Trade in your LCD-4 or 4z for a new pair of LCD-5s using one of the four options below. The headphones being traded in must have all original accessories including travel case and cable, and all returns are subject to our...
  8. MoonAudio

    PRE-ORDER: Audeze LCD-5 Open Back Headphones

    Audeze LCD-5 Open Back Headphones $4,500.00 Pre-Order Now For the past decade, Audeze’s LCD series has set the standard for planar magnetic headphone performance. Starting with the LCD-2 that ushered in a new era of planar technology in 2009, Audeze then introduced the LCD-3 in 2011 and LCD-4...
  9. Audio46

    Pre-Order the Audeze LCD-5 at Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of Audeze Audeze's newest flagship, in their lightest weight, is coming to Audio46! Reserve yours today. SHOP LCD-5>
  10. HeadAmpTeam

    Audeze LCD-5 is here! Pre-Orders now open @HeadAmp

    Audeze's newest flagship open back flagship headphone the LCD-5 is here! An exciting new Flagship Open-Back Planar-Magnetic headphone from Audeze, featuring an all new Parallel Uniforce™ diaphragms, new acoustically designed leather earpads, an improved and luxurious carbon fiber suspension...
  11. Netforce

    The New Audeze LCD-5 Pre-Orders Open at!

    The new flagship from Audeze! Long have we waited for it. Pre-order today to get it when the first units start shipping! New planar driver and magnet structure extends frequency response 1/3 less weight than the LCD-4! New sculpted earpad design improves upper midrange response Improved...
  12. jude

    Audeze LCD-5 Review, Measurements, Interview

    Audeze LCD-5 Review, Measurements, Interview First a new electrostatic flagship with the CRBN, and now a new planar magnetic flagship with the LCD-5 -- Audeze is making abundantly clear they've never stopped developing products for the audiophile market. Audeze CEO Sankar Thiagasamudram...